With Fashion Swimwear and Flattering Swimsuits, we can all feel like Models and Beach Babes

flattering swimsuits

Flattering swimsuits

We all like to feel as if we are keeping up with the trends by purchasing the latest fashion swimwear. And, equally confidence boosting is getting that all-important flattering swimsuit for your body type. What better feeling that being trendy and showing off your best bits?

As much as some of us may fear the beach or pool as we think we will look like a whale out of water, everyone can find the perfect swimsuit to make them feel like a total Beach Babe.

Current Fashion Swimwear

Current fashion swimwear trends include, the bandeau bikini and swimsuit, pastels and busy patterns. In addition to the whirlwind that is the bandeau bikini and swimsuit, there are strong trends in colours and patterns, namely pastels and busy patterns. The bandeau bikini and swimsuit is versatile, and the strapless design is best suited to those who are smaller up top. Pastels would suit most women, but those busy patterns can be slimming or fulfilling, dependant upon the design. So be aware of the designs and your body type when choosing. Large dots can create fullness and an equal, busy pattern all over the suit can be slimming, as it keeps the eye moving.


What are the most Flattering Swimsuits for me? 

Big chested women should choose well-structured swimsuits for comfort and support. Gathered fabric at the waist is another great feature for creating a division between chest and hips.

If you are petite, go for full, high waist bottoms, or a streamline swimsuit to elongate your body.

For those with not much of a bust, the current pattern trend in fashion swimwear will be very favourable, as this type of swimsuit will create fullness/texture. Choose designs such as large dots for maximum effect.


If you have a larger bottom half, go with the old fashioned fuller swimsuit or one with detail/skirting on the bottom to hide your hips and thigh tops, but fitted at the waist to highlight your curves.


The plus size women amongst us could choose something like a swimdress (a full swimsuit with a skirt attached). Or, a good, supportive, preferably underwired swimsuit. Wave patterns are very flattering swimsuits for plus size women. Alternatively, one that is block coloured – pastels are very trendy this season, teamed with a glamorous sarong to compliment your choice would look great.


Athletic body types should go for designs that are skimpy, or ones that add femininity through design or style.


Models and total Beach Babes

Trust in the above advice on fashion swimwear and flattering swimsuits, and you are sure to feel superbly confident, and look just as trendy as a catwalk model. Adding accessories can also help you add ‘armour’ if you still feel like you need a little something extra. The perfect sunglasses, waterproof jewellery, glamorous flip-flops, or just a pretty sarong can help you feel even more of a beach babe. Choosing the most flattering swimsuits for your body type can help cover the body parts you worry about, and accentuate your best bits. We all have body hang-ups and we all have best bits. Remember to embrace your body, and the greatest accessory for any Beach Babe is a dazzlingly confident smile.


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