What is Swimming?



I think we all know what swimming is and how it is done but is that all? What do we really know about the activity of swimming, it’s benefits and the various reasons why people do it? Do you have the best training swimsuits for your swimming laps? I think it’s time to explore those possibilities and really see what swimming is all about.

So what is swimming?

Swimming is a very low cost activity that keeps its participants healthy and well in the easiest way possible. So many that swim to keep healthy find it fun too, a feature we cannot say about most other exercises. In Australia especially, swimming is one of the most popular sports around. Australia is surrounded by water and for most swimming is one of their passions. As this activity is so low impact, it is shocking to know all of the benefits that accompany swimming, whether this be health or mental benefits.

What kind of benefits are there?

There are so many benefits with swimming, but let’s look at the health benefits. Because you move your whole body against the resistance of the water, swimming is an all round great workout. For instance:

  • Not only does it keep your heart rate up, but it takes the impact stress off your body.
  • With swimming, you can build so much endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness over time.
  • Not only are you getting strength, but you’re also toning your body when swimming.
  • Because you’re pushing your body in the water your weight is kept healthy, as is your heart and lungs.
  • All in all, this is an all over body workout, without the pain of having to go to the gym!

Do I need a training swimsuit?

Competitive swimmers need racing swimwear and training swimsuits to be fast. If you are looking for swimwear for lap swimming, speed facilitation is your majour requirement.

Why do people take part in swimming?

Well there’s the obvious health reasons listed above, but a lot of people swim because it is a great recreational activity. It is different than going out with friends or going for a coffee. It is a great way to make new friends or if you don’t know how to swim, it’s an amazing skill to learn. There’s also the competitive side to it. Those who choose to swim competitively have a much more intense workout and so the physical effects on their bodies will be very different.

Getting started

Swimming is a great sport to take up and whatever your reason may be for choosing to do it, I say you should go ahead and push yourself to start. All you need is a swimming costume, a pair of swimming goggles and a swim cap. You will see the benefits in no time, and you can’t ask for more than an activity that will make you healthy whilst being something you enjoy!


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