Vintage high waisted swimwear, retro cool or passed its sell by date?

High waisted swimwear

High waisted swimwear

Beaches everywhere have seen a huge rise in vintage swimwear. Most commonly the high waisted two piece swimwear. These used to be found in the 1940’s (queue images of matching swimming caps and nose pegs) but they have come a long way since then.

So will you join the retro parade or do you leave them in your Gran’s wardrobe?

Will I still be fairly covered up?

Yes – Modesty is sometimes the best policy.

This vintage style of swimwear allows you to keep some skin covered up when sunbathing. Lots of women are conscious of their midriffs, for a variety of reasons, and this retro style takes inspiration from an era when women weren’t allowed to show everything. Even today many women don’t like to ‘bare all’ and this design allows you stay covered up, without going for the full one piece. By just showing a slither of your stomach you can look sexy whilst retaining some modesty and leave something to the imagination.


Isn’t this just style just something my Gran used to wear?

No – Your Gran was cool once!

Vintage swimwear is very on trend at the moment. Celebrities are constantly being papped teaming vintage items with their luxury designer pieces and this has translated onto the beach. Fashion is known to do a full circle and you can enjoy a swimwear style that is decades old with a modern quality. There are some lovely quirky bikinis available online and in many shops so there is no excuse not to give it a go.


Can I wear this swimwear style?

Definitely – The added beauty of a vintage two piece is that it’s suitable for every body type.

Many curvy women find it hard to buy swimwear that they feel comfortable in. The good news is this style is great for curvier women. The high waisted bottoms not only accentuate but also complement curves whilst holding you in. If you are concerned about your belly area there are styles with belts for extra support. If you are conscious of your hips there are styles with different coloured panels on the sides which can skim you down.

For larger busted women there halter neck styles which are traditionally associated with this time period and offer you greater support. For women with a smaller bust there is the bandeau style bikini; another vintage style making a comeback. You can also find ruffled top styles which will create the illusion of a bigger chest.

So, not only can high waisted be sexy and fashionable, you can still stay covered up if you’re bikini body isn’t quite ready or you simply don’t want to show everything. No matter what body shape you are this vintage swimwear will suit you and complement your shape. This fashion will be new to many generations but, like any new fashion, you don’t know until you’ve tried it and for now, yet again, it’s very much in date. Maybe if Kate had opted for this style there wouldn’t be such a media storm!

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