Two Piece or Not Two Piece Swimwear? That is the question

One Piece swimwear boneswimmer

One piece swimwear

It’s the weekend, you look outside, the sun is shining and the waves are lapping at the shore inviting you in. But, the ultimate question is, what are you going to wear?

Many women are faced with the two piece or one piece swimwear dilemma. Sometimes it’s lifestyle dependent, sometimes it’s confidence dependent, sometimes it’s bloated dependent!

Do you go for a swimming costume or a bikini?

Two piece, twice as much fun?

The Brief Bikini Benefits

v  Maximised Tan

Obviously you are showing more with a two piece so you’re going to tan more skin, which is why a lot of us go to the beach in the first place. Society has embedded an image of a flawless head to toe tan in our heads and a bikini can help avoid embarrassing strap marks.

v  Variety is the spice of life

There are so many different styles of bikinis these days; underwired, crop top, halter neck, bandeau, and that’s just the top! Then there are patterns and colours to choose from. Some retailers now offer ‘mix and match’ so you can almost design your own bikini to tailor your shape. Thankfully they have realised that not all of us are the same size top as we are bottom!

v  Tops Off

Some (brave) women like to get the ultimate tan they can and chose to go topless. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a lady wearing a swim suit, having to roll it down and have the straps flapping around her thighs, so a two piece is the best option. Tops can be easily whipped off and there are no bright white beacons at the end of the day.


One piece, one love?

Swim Suits You

v  Modesty

Although swimwear has come a long way since the 1800’s when women weren’t even allowed to show their ankles, many women still like to remain covered up when it comes to the water. For whatever reasons, lots of women aren’t comfortable with their stomachs being on show. A one piece can give you the give you the confidence to strut by the pool whilst allowing people to guess what’s underneath!

v  Support Act

A huge benefit of a swim suit is that if you are jumping in a pool or diving into the sea, you are much less likely to have an embarrassing moment where you surface the water only to realise you are missing one half of your bikini!

Also women who are blessed in the chest region tend to opt for one pieces as there is greater support. You are much less likely to ‘pop out’ of a swimming costume and you can now buy them in a range of necklines. The higher the neckline, the less risk!

v  Mum’s the word

Women who have been selfless enough to have children sometimes are left with stretch marks, caesarean scars or maybe even marks from teatime tantrums. A one piece covers up most of your body and therefore any marks that can’t go in the sun. Also women who have had children and haven’t snapped back into their former physique (we all know at least one of those woman) are able to feel more supported around the belly, if they feel they need it.

Some ladies may need to cover up for a different reason. Some decided that getting that dolphin tattoo around their belly button when on their OE in Europe was the best idea, but now it really doesn’t seem it. A one piece can hide this and leave everyone none the wiser.

So which will you chose?

Obviously your choice depends upon what you are going to do in the water. If your idea of exercise that day is walking to and from the water then you may not need to be supported in a one piece. However, if you are there to train for sport or enter an aqua aerobics class then a two piece might have you left in an awkward situation!