Top Tips to Get Heads Turning at the Beach With Your Bikini Body

Bikini body

Bikini body

Want a bikini body that will get you attention on the beach for all the right reasons? Read these tips for the pathway to achieving your dream figure and having the confidence to strut your stuff on the beach:

  • Exercise, exercise, exercise – unfortunately, not even the luckiest of us can stay in shape without putting some real work into getting a great figure. Take part in fast-paced cardio activity to shed weight quickly around the tummy and thigh area. Squats, crunches and yoga are excellent for toning those bits of the body that need it, and can prove very rewarding upon completion!


  • Eat sensibly – make sure you ditch fast food and fatty meals and get stuck in to a multitude of healthy snacks that will make you feel more refreshed and rejuvenated. Ensure to stick to the ‘5 a day’ motto by crunching into carrot sticks and apple slices for snacks instead of crisps and chocolate. Simple choices at the supermarket can also make all the difference – opting for lower fat versions of everyday products can make a positive change to your waistline.


  • Drink water (and plenty of it!) – eight glasses of water is the recommended daily intake, and this does wonders to your body. Clearer skin, improved digestion and a faster metabolism are all just some of the benefits of increasing water intake. Ensure to decrease alcohol intake, which is often full of nasty chemicals and excessive sugar, and instead opt for coconut water and natural fruit juices which are packed with healthy vitamins and minerals, as well as containing properties to boost energy levels.


  • Wear the right swimwear – picking outfits you feel comfortable and confident in is essential to making you look fabulous on the beach. Make sure you understand your figure and the styles that match and enhance your assets. If you are lucky enough to have an hourglass figure, Brazilian bikinis really create the wow factor, or if you feel more comfortable wearing more modest swimwear, vintage bikinis and tankinis can look great. Check out the Aquazzurra Swimwear blog for further tips on picking swimwear that suits your figure.


  • Care for your skin – one of the priorities of looking great on the beach and simultaneously staying safe is of course wearing appropriate sun cream. Having a high sun protection factor is essential whilst out in the sun, plus nobody finds a lobster attractive! Some great sun creams are out there which ensure you stay safe whilst enabling you to develop a healthy golden tan. Make sure to stay out of the direct sun during midday when the sun is at its strongest, and drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.


  • Remove unwanted hair – make sure you get any leg and bikini waxes booked in advance of your trips to the beach in order to avoid any visible rashes or red marks. Once hair has been removed, moisturise twice daily in order to achieve soft, silky and supple skin.
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