Top 10 Accessories for Your Beach Holiday

Beach Accessories

Beach accessories

My dad is a wise man, he always taught me that when flying abroad always make sure you’ve got your passport, ticket and money; that way you can get anywhere in the world. That being said, we all have a much longer list of what is ‘necessary’ for our holiday so what are you going pack for your beach holiday? Here’s our list for the top 10.

10. A good book – I love nothing more than to relax on the beach with a book. You have a lot of time to get your teeth into a big novel on holiday. Perhaps it’s time that book you got for Christmas stopped gathering dust on the shelf and came on an adventure with you.

9. Surf board – if you’re going to a surfing hotspot then having your board is vital, along with some sport swimwear that will withstand the ride!

8. Camera – you want to capture all the magical moments of your holiday . Alternatively use your phone and instagram the beach asap and make everyone jealous…

7. Beach games – don’t forget to have some beach games for the kids ready. Otherwise you’ll be back and forth to the ice cream van more times than you can spot Kim Kardashian in a magazine.

6. Your bikini body – we’ve all been swimming and surfing to get our bikini bodies ready, haven’t we?! Well even if you don’t feel beach ready make sure you walk with confidence…

5. Beachwear coverup – everyone needs a break from the sun sometimes. Sarongs make a great multi-faceted coverup as they can be your skirt, dress, shade, blanket, the list goes on. As well, a hat is a great addition to prevent sun stroke and keep your face protected from early wrinkles.

4. Toiletries – we all know the new aviation rules but some airports will charge you for that small clear bag they insist you empty your secrets to that flawless complexion into. If you’re only taking carry-on baggage then don’t forget to decant your shampoo into a 100ml bottle.

3. Sun cream – I’ve already stressed the importance of this is in ‘How to get a safe tan in your hot bikini’. Do not think the sun won’t catch you. Anyone can burn and anyone can prevent it.

2. An open mind – if you’re off to a new destination with a strong culture you might not be aware of their customs. Try and relax and enjoy your new surroundings and learn about a world away from yours.

1. Women’s Swimwear – this is the tough part. We’ve seen how many options there are available to us. Whether you’re going for a one piece, a vintage swimwear or a high-waisted bikini, I’d pack it in your hand luggage, just in case your bag doesn’t want to meet you at the other end on time. I once spent 6 out of 7 days of my holiday having to wear a shiny glittery bikini because that was all that the local supermarket sold. Learn from my mishap. Please!

Wherever you’re off on you beach holiday, have a great time. Is there anything else you’d add to the list as a necessity?

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