The Top Swimsuits for Your Breast – Love Your Lady Lumps!

Swimsuit top

Swimsuit top

When it comes to swimsuits and bikinis your breasts are going to be on show. Some women love this aspect of beach clothing and others couldn’t get far enough away from the swimwear department in their local swimwear store.However, whether you’re a lover or a hater of your breasts there is a swimsuit out there to flatter your curves and make you feel great. Big, small, droopy, uneven, whatever issues you have with your breasts there is a style of beachwear that can help.

Here are the top swimsuits that will make you want to rush to the beach and bear your breast to the world!

Swimsuits for big-chested women

What they don’t realise is that shopping for a bikini can be tricky as you’ll need something supportive, that stops ‘the girls’ making a bid for freedom, making halter neck styles your best friend.

The Genipabu Brazilian Bikini could become your go to bikini, with an adjustable halter neck and gorgeous pink colour you’ll be supported and look great.

How to make your breasts look bigger

Prints, padding, small triangle tops, and halter necks are your answer here. The halter neck and small triangle tops with scoop your breast together and by adding a dazzling print and a little bit of padding you’ll have everyone on the beach asking you for style tips.

Why not go wild with the Rio Del Sol Africa bikini or get funky and floral by adding the Galicia bikini to your beachwear collection?

The right bikini for your body shape

If you’ve got an athletic body shape then look for swimwear that has frills, ruffles, and cut outs to give the illusion of curves. With your body shape you don’t have to be afraid of patterns or bold colours so you can really experiment with the type of swimming costume or bikini you choose.

The Dega swimsuit will really make you stand out from the crowd and emphasise your waist and bust.

How to make your curves look more even

If you’re pear shaped then you’ll want to balance your body to make your curves look more even. Just like athletic body shapes your best bet is to opt for frills or embellishments up top.

The Alte swimsuit is perfect for balancing out pear shaped bodies as the block colour won’t draw attention to your lower body and the logo at the top will attract the eye to your chest and shoulder area.

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