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Ladies Board shorts

Ladies board shorts

Getting the perfect clothing for the beach can be a challenge, but particularly when it comes to finding swimwear items that are practical, stylish and flatter you below the waist. Ladies board shorts are now available in an array of designs and some very stylish cuts and prints. So you can be sporty and stylish. Beach pants for women also come in a vast range of styles and designs this season; so there is something for everyone.

How can I look good whilst being active in the water?

Asking yourself “How do I look good whilst being active in the water?” The answer is simple; fashion meets function. For those sporty women out there who are fed up with feeling unfashionable whilst enjoying their sport, fear not, those lovely fashion designers have answered your prayers. Firstly, you must get yourself a well-fitted swimsuit or bikini, or even a sport swimsuit; at Aquazzurra Swimwear you can find some great women’s swimwear. These are also available in trendy styles and prints thanks to sites like Aquazzurra. Ladies board shorts are available in a variety of styles this season, all of which are functional.

Long board shorts, mid board shorts and ¾ length board shorts all offer great coverage whilst looking good. Then there are various stretch designs for extra freedom and flow. This season, the ‘ruched side boardie’ seems to be very common. Bold prints, including floral and polka dots are also ubiquitous this season. Surfer girls will appreciate the range and can select the style to suit their needs and personal style.

What swimwear can I wear out of the water to flatter below the waist?

Women beach pants will be perhaps the most popular choice amongst sporty women, but are also popular with female beachgoers of all types. They offer great versatility and the range of styles available this season can help create a variety of looks. When getting straight out of the water, or looking for a comfy and versatile style, then the Capri pant or perhaps wide leg pants would be the most likely choice. However, if you are looking for something a little more fitted or ‘on trend’ then the skinny jeans or harem pants can be great, particularly if you opt for a bold print. Harem pants can be dressed up or down, depending on the print or style you choose; adding accessories or a stylish top, like a Bralet or embellished vest top can help ‘glam up’ your look.


Although not technically beach pants, the jumpsuit and playsuit are very popular this season and cover below and above the waist. These will not be as much of a practical option for sporty women, but can be great for beachgoers who still wish to blend fashion and function. These, or a sarong to cover below the waist can be easily accessorized to adapt for evening or an occasion. Bold sunglasses, straw hats, embellished sandals and bold print beach bags are the essential fashion accessories this season for fashion conscious beachgoers.


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