The New Trend is the Microkini but Are There Any Alternatives?


Microkinis and the new swimwear trends

We’ve all seen them, the woman (or even man!) who feels the need to strut around with a micro bikini (microkini) with the tiniest amount of clothes on- no matter who is on the beach. While this is a nightmare for parents of young children, it is perfect for those who despise tan lines. In fact there is even such a thing as the seekini which is a completely transparent bikini, while this is only for the bravest of tanners there are other options if you don’t want to bare all on the beach.

While you may imagine a typical bikini as a Brazilian bikini there are so many more options than many women realise. In fact, bandeau bikinis are one of the most popular styles of bikini’s you’ll see on the beach this summer. These can help reduce tan lines from around your neck and shoulders without the risk that is present with removing or lowering the straps of your regular Brazilian bikini. Also the bandeau bikini’s come in a variety of different colours and patterns so there’s no worry about finding one that fits your personal style. This type of bikini is versatile as the top can be worn casually with a pair of denim shorts which is perfect for those after dinner strolls on the beach.

Many women stick to the simple swimsuit or monokini in an attempt to cover up. While these give optimum movement with little risk of accidental exposure, it can wreak havoc with your natural tan. Bright colours and ruffles are usually avoided in daily wear but are completely acceptable and even encouraged during summer, this is because they help draw attention away from any areas you may be uncomfortable with and divert this attention to the parts of your body you love (yes, it is okay to admit you love your shoulders).

Another option is the sports bikini. While this bikini is designed for comfort and not maximum tanning it is not an obvious choice but if your summer destination involves a hot tub rather than the red sea then this may be perfect. The 2 part swimsuit ensures that you are able to catch a few rays (with plenty of sun cream of course) but are also able to join in the games after the BBQ without stopping every 3 minutes to readjust.

However with any swimsuit or bikini it is your confidence that either makes or breaks the outfit. If you strut onto that beach in your brand new bikini feeling great then you will definitely turn heads. Your confidence will be noted and admired and even if something’s not quite perfect with your choice it is unlikely anyone will even notice and you’ll be too busy having fun to care.


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