The Key to the Bikini Body Diet, and How to Stick to It

Bikini body diet

Bikini body diet

Fitting in any type  swimwear is the dream of every woman.

For many of us, the concept of the bikini body diet can be a little daunting – discovering healthy recipes that are tasty enough to remain edible, coming up with a variety of meals to fit in with a busy lifestyle, and having the motivation to stick to it.


Follow our tips on how to turn this challenge into a pleasure, and create a bikini body diet that is sure to whip your body into shape in no time.


Don’t skip meals

This is an essential rule for the bikini body diet. Skipping breakfast has been scientifically proven to cause weight gain due to the body’s craving for sugary, fatty foods as compensation. Having a bikini body diet is not about scrimping on food – it is merely about altering the food choices you make. Instead of a rushed sugary breakfast cereal on the way to work, get up ten minutes earlier to prepare a quick fruit smoothie packed with vitamins for a rejuvenating start to the day. Pair this with a bowl of porridge mixed with a spoonful of honey for a filling, substantial breakfast.

Snacking is encouraged

(But only of the healthy variety!) By all means surrender to the urge of snacking, but when the hunger pangs call, make sure these snacks do not consist of junk food like biscuits, crisps, and chocolate. Opt instead for crudités with hummus, almonds, berries, and slices of fruit for convenient fast food on your breaks. Healthy snacks like these provide energy bursts throughout the day and prevent you from longing for that lunch or evening meal.


Invent healthy alternatives for your favourite foods

This can really make a simple, yet effective, difference to your diet. Opting for a low-fat spread instead of butter on your toast, and the lightest versions of substances including cream cheese, and mayonnaise to retain the taste but ditch the calories is a useful tactic. When craving for the sweetness of chocolate, flavoured yoghurts are great alternatives that are a fraction of the calories.

Drink water

Around seven large glasses a day is the recommended intake, and the benefits of drinking water upon the body are endless. Just sipping the fluid throughout the day will help to fill the stomach up, as well as hydrating you and proving excellent for the skin. Flavouring water with slices of orange, lemon, or strawberry makes it taste a little more exciting and provides a real sense of refreshment.

Get a diet buddy

This can often prove to be one of the most essential requirements of a bikini body, as having a friend who is attempting to stick to a similar weight-loss plan as you can be inspiring and hugely motivational. In sticking out the hardships of this diet together, you will feel a joint sense of achievement when you reach the final results. A buddy can also prove a great companion for jogging, or trips to the gym, and it is always nice to have an understanding friend to chat to through the highs and lows of the dieting process!


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