The Beauty of the Brazilian Bikini

Brazilian bikini

Cheecky, sexy Brazilian bikini

It is often said that the Brazilian bikini captures the essence of the country with which it is associated – cheeky, sexy, and utterly fashionable. The flamboyance of this particular style of bikini is primarily caused by the narrow cut bottom, which allows more flesh to be revealed to admiring passers-by. With Fashion Rio having kicked off earlier this month showcasing the very latest in styles of the bikini for this season, the Brazilian bikini has never had so much attention. The introduction of warrior chic styles with silver breastplates and metalwork skirts to the catwalk caused fashion headlines all over the world to focus attention back onto the Brazilian bikini.


Where did the Brazilian bikini actually originate?

Contrary to popular belief, the Brazilian bikini was not actually born in Brazil. Although rumours claimed that Brazilian fashion model Rose de Primallio created the sexy look when she had insufficient fabric whilst stitching together a bikini for a photoshoot (subsequently resulting in the world’s first string bikini), this was not actually the case! In fact, the bikini was launched and created almost simultaneously by two French fashion designers – Louis Reard and Jacques Heim. This new style bikini was marketed by the designers as ‘Atome’, in its ability to create the same earth-shattering reaction as those from atomic bombs. It is certain to say this reaction has continued even into the twenty-first century! The bikini style was immediately adopted by Brazil, and from then on the two have had strong links.


What styles of the Brazilian bikini are available?

The Brazilian bikini nowadays comes in many different vibrant colours, and joyful prints are particularly fashionable for this season. Styles featuring polka dots, fruit prints, and fringe details were all featured in Fashion Rio, laying out popular styles that add a colourful and cheery touch to beachwear. A main feature of this bikini style is the string, which provides opportunity for fun detailing including tassles and bows. Bandeau bikini tops also look great for this season and bring a little sassiness to the beach. Ensure to try the Brazilian bikini in different materials whilst out and about, including metallic prints and even sequins this season for a glamorous look.


Why choose the Brazilian bikini?

There are so many reasons to sport a Brazilian bikini this season, and with Brazilian beachwear grossing on average 1.9 billion US dollars each year, it is not hard to see why it’s so popular. With the Rio Olympics in the not too distant future and the ever popular Carnaval season growing in size each year, Brazil has never been so stylish. Opt for the narrow cut bottom for a classy yet sexy look that will get you attention whilst on the beach, giving you a boost of confidence. With gorgeous prints and fabrics in every good swimwear store, there is one to suit everybody. Don’t forget that the more revealing style of the string bikini is perfect for tanning due to the greater exposure it allows, but don’t forget to slather on the sun cream! Be sure to check the

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