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When choosing swimwear, you want to be able to wear it on the beach with pride, right? This means ensuring that not only are you keeping up with the latest trends, you are choosing swimwear that suits you and looks effortless. Bandeau swimsuits are ones which not only are modern, they bring back an era of vintage swimwear style that was known for embracing the female form and giving it the applause it needed.

Is this type of swimwear right for me?

Remember, when choosing a bandeau bikini it is important to always be comfortable. These bikinis are made with minimal support, so they are perfect for the smaller bust. Some come with padding for that push up effect that a wearer may crave or if you want the emphasis taken away from the top half of you, the bottom of the bikini can be shown in endless designs from ruched sides, hipkinies, ties at the sides to ruffles, anything is possible.

What does bandeau mean?

The bandeau refers to the top of the bikini itself, which traditionally has no straps. This is a major strength of this style of swimwear as it means avoiding one feature that we all dread when going to the beach or spending a day in the sun- those awful tan lines. When looking at a site like Aquazzurra, it shows clear use of the traditional bandeau bikini style, but with a modern twist. From use of ties at the sides of the bikini bottoms to intricate gold detail rings that add that bit of sparkle that any girl would not want to miss out on, these bikinis will ensure that the trend is kept animated.

Why choose this style?

Still not clear on the advantages of the bandeau? The list can go on. This type of swimwear is so versatile and is available not only as a two piece bikini but also as a one piece of swimwear, for those who do not feel as confident about revealing all. These are just as efficient, as there is more space for design and they ensure that the figure is only exhibited in the best possible way. These swimwear types are also a major throwback to the ’50s and ’60s, so if you’re a modern retro girl, these will be your swimwear of choice. They also boast the use of straps, which clearly will build confidence in the one wearing them as they may be more secure.

With or without straps?

Always remember however, with straps do come those tan lines. Also remember that the bandeau top is actually a lot more secure without the straps because one is able to run around without the straps pulling down the top resulting in one or two embarrassing mishaps, when the main objective is to be worry free. Some bandeaus come with the option of a detachable strap so you can have the straps on when you are out walking but can take them off when it’s time to be serious about getting that perfect tan.

So always remember to choose the type that makes you feel comfortable and don’t forget that the main idea of a gorgeous swimwear is to emphasis what you have already got. So when picking the one for you, make sure it is an extension of your personality and is easy to wear; a main objective of the bandeau range, to suit everyone.



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