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How to Pick Vintage Swimwear That is Sure to Flatter Your Figure

vintage swimwear

vintage swimwear

Vintage-style swimwear really is timeless, and is wonderful at celebrating the female figure and bringing a sense of glamour to the beach. When chosen correctly for your particular body shape, vintage pieces prove highly flattering and ensure sophistication and fun. We have the tips to help you pick the right pieces for your shape that will give you the elegance of a 1950s belle in no time. Continue reading

Vintage high waisted swimwear, retro cool or passed its sell by date?

High waisted swimwear

High waisted swimwear

Beaches everywhere have seen a huge rise in vintage swimwear. Most commonly the high waisted two piece swimwear. These used to be found in the 1940’s (queue images of matching swimming caps and nose pegs) but they have come a long way since then.

So will you join the retro parade or do you leave them in your Gran’s wardrobe?

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The bandeau swimwear era is back

Bandeau bikini fashion

Latest on bandeau bikinis

When choosing swimwear, you want to be able to wear it on the beach with pride, right? This means ensuring that not only are you keeping up with the latest trends, you are choosing swimwear that suits you and looks effortless. Bandeau swimsuits are ones which not only are modern, they bring back an era of vintage swimwear style that was known for embracing the female form and giving it the applause it needed. Continue reading