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Competitive Swimwear on the Rise – Designer Trends Part Two

Two piece training swimwear

Two piece training swimwear, great for ocean and pool swimming

Fashion week has wrapped up its last show and moved on to warmer clients, but not before revealing a nostalgic throwback to summer as we watched new swimwear styles being strutted down the runway. In last week’s Designer Swimwear Trends for Fashion Week, on emerging trends in Sydney’s Fashion Week we discussed the nod to vintage one piece swimwear that remained a steady design favourite, however another style also began to reappear with continuing ferocity – previously unassuming competitive swimwear has had a style makeover and is quickly pushing aside its flimsy, fidgety string counterparts. This week we look at how competitive swimwear leaves behind its dumpy past and turns fashionable. Continue reading

Swimming Benefits– Great for Skills, Safety plus it’s a Stress Buster

Swimming benefits

Swimming benefits

The figures are alarming; there are many Australians who simply cannot swim. With the majority of the population living near the coast, many of us wonder: how can this be?

One contributing factor is that ours is a multi-cultural society with one in four of us born overseas. Many new Australians come from a country where swimming is not part of life and swim safety is not taught.

Another factor is that swimming is no longer part of the educational curriculum, so our school aged kids are not learning water survival skills. The cost and time commitments required for parents to ensure their children are exposed to swimming lessons are, in many cases, prohibitive, meaning kids are growing up without these life skills. Some babies start swimming using float suits in order to get familiar with the water. Continue reading

Beach Volleyball on Bondi According to Bondi View – Aquazy Supports a Good Cause

Beach volleyball in bondi

Spotted in Bondi View – four gorgeous ladies toting their hot sports bikinis and summer-sun induced tans while setting up to play a riveting game of volleyball on Bondi Beach.

You would be forgiven for assuming that this is just a daily occurrence on the famous beach, the most noteworthy factor maybe being the particularly stylish designer swimwear they were wearing. Continue reading

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Surfing Tips – the Basics for Beginners

surfing swimwear

surfing swimwear

Although surfing gurus like Stephanie Gilmore and Layne Beachley are able to jump on a surfboard in a string bikiniin reality the rest of us should consider either sports or training swimwear with a rash vest or a wet suit. Let’s face it, when you spend more time in the water than on the board, you need to be comfortable.

Like other beach activities, surfing requires very little with regard to equipment – see below for more information – and there are no additional fees (green fees, court hire etc), so surfing makes for a cheap pastime.Below we’ve outlined considerations for the novice surfer before catching that first wave. Continue reading