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D Cup Big Busted Ladies Swimwear -You Can Enjoy the Summer!

dcup swimwear

Big bust d cup swimwearHow Can I Support My D cup Bust Swimwear?

We all love the summer, but when you are gifted with assets in the upper area, the summer heat can make you uncomfortable. You can also find that swimwear doesn’t always give you the support you require, and allow you feel confident in your outfit. Worry not, there is a perfect solution. Finding the perfect women’s swimwear to give you the security you need.

There are several swimwear styles that suit women with D Cup breasts. Halter neck swimwear is very good, as it gives you lift and support. The under wired bikini is another great style, it is basic, yet very practical and very supportive. Continue reading

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Turning Up the Heat for Summer with New Swimwear Brands

Swimwear 2013
Swimwear 2013

Swimwear 2013

Feel like diving in blue crystal water wearing a sexy swimwear this summer 2013?  Stay tuned, Aquazy is bringing new swimwear brands this summer right to your door. Hot styles sports bikinis perfect for any water/beach sport, halter neck, cross back with adjustable support, perfect for women with curves that need some support and beautiful new training swimsuits with designs super comfy meant for any water sport you decide to use them for!

Summer is just around the corner, the bikini season is starting now!

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Beach Photography Tips

Beach photography

Photography of Tamarama Beach – Australia

Now it’s summer you are bombarded with images of blue seas and white sand, models in bikinis and people mid-air during various water sport activities in their training swimwear. Yet it seems impossible to take these shots yourself. Here are a few tips to bear in mind next time you’re due to hit the beach: Continue reading

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Women’s Beach Volleyball Uniform – the Controversy

beach volleyball uniform controversy

Beach volleyball uniform controversy

Beach volleyball has only been an Olympic sport since 1996 however the women’s uniform has caused a huge amount of controversy and sparked great debate.

Mandatory bikinis – the combination of those 2 words would fill a lot of us with dread. I mean it’s hard enough to sometimes have the courage to lie in a small bikini, never mind run around in one. Women’s beach volleyball uniform regulations have previously enforced a two piece as uniform, however tops and a one piece are allowed in cold weather.

Should women be made to wear beach volleyball bikinis? Continue reading

How to Get Your Bikini Body Back on Track

Bikini Body

How to get a bikini body

February is detox month, and this can only mean good things to get the perfect bikini body! The party season is officially over and it’s time to store away the 5 inch heels, dust off our running shoes and get back into the swing of things. However, it’s still summer and by taking advantage of the sun and sand there are a few simple tips to cheat your way back into a skimpy bikini no matter what body type you are. Continue reading