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Keep everything in place with One-piece Swimwear and Supportive Swimwear

Why Choose One-piece Swimwear?

One piece swimwear

One piece swimwear for the pool

 Firstly, one-piece swimwear is the most simple swimwear choice, and it comes in a variety of styles and patterns . It can be more flattering for those who are concerned about their midriff, and provide extra support for your lovely assets.

You can get one-piece training swimwear that is specifically designed for sports and training if you are a serious fitness freak.. But, the basic one-piece will provide sufficient coverage and support for most of us. Continue reading

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Modest Swimwear – there is such a thing!

modest swimwear

Modest swimwear – Rio Del Sol

While there is a time and a place for scantily clad beach babes, there are certainly also plenty of places where more modest swimwear options are required.

Likewise, the majority of our population are not blessed with model-like bodies, and may prefer to enjoy time on the beach in a less showy bathing suit, something providing more coverage than a bikini.

If your swimsuit search falls into one of these categories, don’t fear. There are lots of unpretentious options out there, from one-piece swimsuits options to many types of cover-ups including sarongs and kaftans. Continue reading

Two Piece or Not Two Piece Swimwear? That is the question

One Piece swimwear boneswimmer

One piece swimwear

It’s the weekend, you look outside, the sun is shining and the waves are lapping at the shore inviting you in. But, the ultimate question is, what are you going to wear?

Many women are faced with the two piece or one piece swimwear dilemma. Sometimes it’s lifestyle dependent, sometimes it’s confidence dependent, sometimes it’s bloated dependent! Continue reading