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Baby Swimming and Baby Swim Lessons – The Water Cocoon

Baby swim nappies

Baby swimming and baby swim nappies

Why is Swimming Good for Babies?

Babies love water, they spend the 9 months of their development in the womb surrounded by fluid. The gentle sway and sounds of water are soothing to babies. The freedom of the water gives babies a chance to move their limbs in a supported way; both guardian and water will provide support. As well as the developmental and comforting benefits, swimming is great exercise. Continue reading

Mini Fashionistas: Kids Swimwear 2013 and Trendy Swimming Accessories

Kids swimwear trends 2013Which Kids Swimwear?

Kids can be tricky customers when it comes to clothing, and swimwear is no different. Kids are becoming fashion conscious at an earlier age, and want to be as ‘on trend’ as parents and peers. There is so much choice within the kids swimwear sector for 2013. The great news is there are lots of styles that will please you and your kids, by balancing fashion and modesty, as well as not breaking the bank! Mini fashionistas of the male and female variety will be pleased to see they can fit in with the current trend for bold prints, as well as have those all important style choices. Continue reading

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Swimming Games and Pool Games for Kids – Splish, Splash and Laugh

Float suit for boys

Float suit for boys perfect for swimming games

Everyone loves some time splashing around, weather you are one or one hundred, there is a water game suitable for you. Swimming games can be as active or relaxed as you like, and pool games for kids can provide much fun, excitement and energy burning for those active little ones.While entertaining and educating your kids with pool games can be fun, you would also need to buy boys and girls swimwear to make them feel comfortable.

Continue reading

Fun in the Sun: Swimming and Beach Games for Kids

Beach games for kids

Beach games for kids

We all love some fun in the sun, and if your idea of fun is frolicking with your little ones or partaking in family challenges, then you will love family beach games. However, if you would rather catch some rays and relaxation, then beach games for kids will help make your wish come true. Continue reading

Toddler Swimwear and Kids’ Swimwear-Functional, fashionable and traditional

Toddler swimwear

Toddler swimwear and swimming accessories

Trying to find beach and swimwear can be an utter minefield of fashion vs. functional decisions for the most of us. Similarly, it can be hard to find toddler swimwear and kids’ swimwear that is both practical and stylish. Or, just traditional and functional.  However, today there is a much wider range of swimwear available, and nowhere more so than online. Whether you are looking for cheap or fashionable designer Toddler swimwear and Kids’ swimwear. Continue reading

Swimming Classes for Kids – a luxury or a priority?

Kids Swimwear

Swimwear for kids learning to swim

There are many extra curricular activities on offer for children today, swimming classes for kids  may seem like just another way of parting parents with their cash! The reality though, is that in a country such as Australia where the lifestyle and the climate is conducive to water based activities, Swimming Classes begun at an early age are an investment in health and safety that most parents are more than willing to make.

What age to begin Swimming Classes for Kids?

Swimming lessons can commence from as young as 4 months of age. It is not recommended to start any earlier as an infant needs time to allow a medical history to develop and to strengthen their immunity. Swimming classes at this age are about water familiarization as the baby is introduced to the water in a gentle and secure environment.

Baby swimwear options include a waterproof swimming nappy or float suits with built in floats that can be removed individually as progress is made and confidence increases. Continue reading