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Mini Beach Babes and Beach Boys – Kids’ Beachwear

kids swimwear

Girls beachwearWhat is Essential Beachwear for Kids?

It is that time of year when you know you need go and find a whole new wardrobe of beachwear for your little angel. This can be tricky, as you never quite know what they will need, or more importantly for those little angels with their own tastes and mind, what they will wear!

Obviously, kids swimwear for girls and boys swimwear will be essential . But, beyond that, you may find yourself in a minefield of fashion decisions. It can be harder to please fashion savvy, and ultra fussy little ones, than to please yourself and meet the latest fashion trends. Continue reading

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Mini Fashionistas: Kids Swimwear 2013 and Trendy Swimming Accessories

Kids swimwear trends 2013Which Kids Swimwear?

Kids can be tricky customers when it comes to clothing, and swimwear is no different. Kids are becoming fashion conscious at an earlier age, and want to be as ‘on trend’ as parents and peers. There is so much choice within the kids swimwear sector for 2013. The great news is there are lots of styles that will please you and your kids, by balancing fashion and modesty, as well as not breaking the bank! Mini fashionistas of the male and female variety will be pleased to see they can fit in with the current trend for bold prints, as well as have those all important style choices. Continue reading

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