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The New Trend is the Microkini but Are There Any Alternatives?


Microkinis and the new swimwear trends

We’ve all seen them, the woman (or even man!) who feels the need to strut around with a micro bikini (microkini) with the tiniest amount of clothes on- no matter who is on the beach. While this is a nightmare for parents of young children, it is perfect for those who despise tan lines. In fact there is even such a thing as the seekini which is a completely transparent bikini, while this is only for the bravest of tanners there are other options if you don’t want to bare all on the beach. Continue reading

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The Beauty of the Brazilian Bikini

Brazilian bikini

Cheecky, sexy Brazilian bikini

It is often said that the Brazilian bikini captures the essence of the country with which it is associated – cheeky, sexy, and utterly fashionable. The flamboyance of this particular style of bikini is primarily caused by the narrow cut bottom, which allows more flesh to be revealed to admiring passers-by. With Fashion Rio having kicked off earlier this month showcasing the very latest in styles of the bikini for this season, the Brazilian bikini has never had so much attention. The introduction of warrior chic styles with silver breastplates and metalwork skirts to the catwalk caused fashion headlines all over the world to focus attention back onto the Brazilian bikini. Continue reading

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