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Sun, Sand, Sports Swimwear and… Beach Soccer Games

beach soccer
Beach soccer

Beach soccer is very popular with kids

With the Beach Soccer World Cup recently kicking off in Tahiti – albeit without Australia who were knocked out in qualification – it is high time to put the spotlight on the sport which takes soccer to the beach.This sport has also become very popular with young kids, who enjoy playing on a soft sand surface wearing kids swimwear. Continue reading

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Beach House Games and Beach Party Ideas- Living the Dream with Fun in The Sun

Beach party games for kids

Beach party ideas for kids

Where better to house the ultimate beach party Ideas than in a lovely beach house. It is the perfect location to use as a base point for any beach party. Whether it is for kids or adults, relaxed or sophisticated. The beach house is as versatile as the beach itself. Beach house games and beach party Ideas can come together and flow naturally between the perfect outside space and base pad. Continue reading

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Summer Beach Games for Adults

beach games for adults

Summer beach games for adults

With summer just around the corner in the northern hemisphere, it seems endless. But how many hours can you spend in your swimwear sunbathing or just swimming lengths? You packed the sun cream, towel and even your new bikini but you forgot to bring those all-important beach games. Don’t worry though there are many games you can play with just a little imagination and a few things you’d find on a beach: Continue reading

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Beach Party Ideas – Games, Food and Fun

Beach Parties Ideas

Beach Parties Ideas

Beach parties have to be the most laid back way to get your friends together and have fun in the sun. If you don’t have a beach nearby, don’t worry, help is on hand.  Whether you just can’t get to the beach, or you just want to bring the beach home with you, a beach themed party is the ultimate summer companion to socialise and have fun. So get yourself a new bikini, grab your friends and the barbie and head on down to your nearest beach (or get them to come to yours). Here are the few pointers to get you started: Continue reading

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Off Season Kids Beach Activities Fun for the Under 8’s

Beach Activities

Beach activities for kids

As the weather turns cooler and wetter, and the days become shorter, the beach is not usually the first place of choice for holidaymakers or day-trippers. However, families wanting to spend some fun, action packed, healthy time together, will love the myriad of options that a day at the beach can offer.

Pack away your beach bikini! Autumn and winter days may call for sand based activities rather than the water-based pursuits of summer. Organised or impromptu, games such as treasure hunts, finding crabs, running races, sand sculptures will keep the family occupied while filling their lungs with fresh, sea air. Continue reading

Swimming Games and Pool Games for Kids – Splish, Splash and Laugh

Float suit for boys

Float suit for boys perfect for swimming games

Everyone loves some time splashing around, weather you are one or one hundred, there is a water game suitable for you. Swimming games can be as active or relaxed as you like, and pool games for kids can provide much fun, excitement and energy burning for those active little ones.While entertaining and educating your kids with pool games can be fun, you would also need to buy boys and girls swimwear to make them feel comfortable.

Continue reading

Fun in the Sun: Swimming and Beach Games for Kids

Beach games for kids

Beach games for kids

We all love some fun in the sun, and if your idea of fun is frolicking with your little ones or partaking in family challenges, then you will love family beach games. However, if you would rather catch some rays and relaxation, then beach games for kids will help make your wish come true. Continue reading