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Beach Volleyball and sports bikinis – benefits beyond the beach

beach volleyball bikinis

Beach volleyball bikinis

An Olympic Sport since the 1970s, today Beach Volleyball in Sydney is an activity for all fitness enthusiasts. Anyone who loves the sand, the surf and beach life will enjoy the fitness, body and mind benefits of Beach Volleyball.

The first of many positives is the very little equipment that is required to get started. All that’s needed is a Sports Bikini for the ladies, shorts and singlet for the men and a whole lot of SPF! The ball, the net and the court are all supplied. Continue reading

How to Get Your Bikini Body Back on Track

Bikini Body

How to get a bikini body

February is detox month, and this can only mean good things to get the perfect bikini body! The party season is officially over and it’s time to store away the 5 inch heels, dust off our running shoes and get back into the swing of things. However, it’s still summer and by taking advantage of the sun and sand there are a few simple tips to cheat your way back into a skimpy bikini no matter what body type you are. Continue reading