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Beach Sports – Sand, Sea and Fun

surfing in Australia

There are so many beach sports to enjoy, and around the world new beach sports are discovered and adapted all the time. 

In addition to traditional beach sports such as Beach Volleyball, Beach Soccer, Surfing, and Stand Up Paddle Boarding, there are others that originate from, and are commonplace in different countries.

Foot Volley

The Brazilian beach sport of Foot Volley is a prime example. This sport involves playing an adapted style of Soccer with a Beach Volleyball net. Foot Volley originated in Brazil, and it is a free flowing, faced paced beach sport. Although Foot Volley dates back decades, it has only become well known and played around the world in more recent years. The rules are very similar to Soccer, but the teams are usually much smaller, between 2 and 5 per side. This is due to the skill involved and required space etc to make the moves. It is quite a difficult sport, and not really recommended for novices.


Footvolley – Source Ilfattoquotidiano.it

Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball is a great beach sport to play with friends and family, and generate some healthy competition. It is also a great sport to help you make new friends at the beach. The rules are quite straight forward, and if you have reasonable co-ordination and some upper arm strength you will make great shots across the Volleyball net. If you are a little more ambitious, you may be caught diving to make a shot or leaping to play defence.

Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball

If you are a more ambitious player, or just want to look great and support your assets whilst whipping up a storm, then Pepper Swimwear make superbly stylish and durable Beach Volleyball bikinis .

Pepper Swimwear Beach Volleyball Bikini

Pepper Swimwear Beach Volleyball Bikini

Other sports bikinis with adjustable straps are also available to provide enough chest support for all your althetic activities.

Beach Soccer

Beach Soccer is pretty universal. It tends to be popular amongst traditional Soccer fans, as well as beach enthusiasts. Playing on sand adds to the difficulty level, and care needs to be taken to avoid twisted ankles and injuries. This is particularly important with youngsters, you may even wish for ankle guards to be worn. Creativity and speed are key aspects to being a great Beach Soccer player.


Surfing is perhaps the most well known beach sport, and it can be very difficult and dangerous. From Australia to America and even parts of the UK, there are some superb surfing spots around the world. It is essential that you have the right equipment and some training before entering lively waters. Never surf in waters you don’t feel confident in, and ideally swim with a buddy for safety purposes.

surfing in Australia

Surfing in Noosa – photo credit Bernard Jean

Having the right gear doesn’t have to mean looking like a human penguin. You can wear rash guards with surf bikinis. And, there are some great designer pieces out there, like this stylish piece by Sueno Swimwear.

surf bikinis

Surf Bikinis from Sueno Swimwear

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is considered a more accessible version of surfing. Participants use large buoyant surf boards to stand on, and a long oar. The oar is used to navigate the waves. The buoyant boards will ride the smallest of waves for beginners, but can also tackle pretty big waves for the more adventurous types.

stand up paddle boarding

Stand up Paddle Boarding – credit to Bernard Jean

There are numerous other water sports to be enjoyed, including jet skiing, water polo, banana boats and water skiing. Each has a different level of difficulty and involvement, meaning there is something for everyone.

Many other sports can be played on the sand aswell. Including Beach Cricket, Frisbee, Beach Tennis and Baseball. Some are informal, and a great way to keep fit and spend time with loved ones. Others can be more competitive, but less intensive than more traditional beach sports, thus broadening their appeal.

Whether in the water or on the sand, competitive or for fun, there really is a beach sport for everyone.

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