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Bandeau Swimwear-It’s Everywhere! But can you wear?

bandeau swimwear

Bandeau swimwearBandeau Swimwear-It’s Everywhere!

The renowned bandeau swimwear has risen to fame this year, and it can be seen everywhere you turn! With so many designs and possibilities within celebrities and civilians alike adore it. TV, magazines, shops, friends…it has seeped its way into everyday life, and well into the fashion culture. Continue reading

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Two Piece or Not Two Piece Swimwear? That is the question

One Piece swimwear boneswimmer

One piece swimwear

It’s the weekend, you look outside, the sun is shining and the waves are lapping at the shore inviting you in. But, the ultimate question is, what are you going to wear?

Many women are faced with the two piece or one piece swimwear dilemma. Sometimes it’s lifestyle dependent, sometimes it’s confidence dependent, sometimes it’s bloated dependent! Continue reading