Sydney Beaches – Our Top Five

Tamarama Beach

Sydney has some of the best beaches in Australia, and we have selected our top five. Each has their own special offerings, that make them desirable destinations, and attributes to Australia.


Tamarama Beach

View of Tamarama Beach

Tamarama beach Sydney is the most dangerous patrolled beach in New South Wales.
Popular with surfers due to intense waves. It has a small shoreline, and is not always safe for swimmers. But great for testing out your new surf bikini or boardshorts.
It has impressive cliffs and scenery, and can be ideal for bbqs and peaceful picnics. Tamarama tends not to be over popular with families due to the intense waters, so can prove to be a peaceful getaway or the perfect surfers hang out.


Maroubra Beach

Maroubra Beach, Source:

Maroubra beach Sydney is the second Aussie beach to be named a national surfing reserve, and is also a great place for beginners to grasp the waves. There are local experts who can even provide help for novice surfers.
It is very popular with experienced surfers due to its consitently good waves, and large size.
It can be a great beach to hang out with friends, as its not as hectic as some of the more popular tourist beaches.
Families love Maroubra beach due to the rock pools, playgrounds and picnic areas.
If you are a fitness fanatic, you may enjoy the free outdoor gym equipment next to the beach.


Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach Sydney is one of the most iconic. It is a very popular tourist attraction, and has much to offer. The surf is very good, but so too are the eateries, shops and culture on offer.

It is very popular year round, and busy throughout the day, its certainly a place to get your new fashionable bikini noticed.
Bondi beach offers great costal walks and a great place to relax. There is ample beach space to engage in a few beach sports with family and friends too. Or, if you prefer, set up a game of Volleyball. The perfect time to try out a pepper beach volleyball bikini.
The open air cinema is a great way to catch some entertainment but still soak up the rays and beach atmosphere. With all it has to offer, no wonder Bondi is one of Australias most well known beaches.


Coogee Beach

View of Coogee Beach

Coogee beach Sydney has a great coastal path, and the walk from Bondi to Coogee is a popular scenic walk. You can relive the Art Deco era at The Ritz Theatre. And spend your time snorkling the clear waters at this marine reserve beach. If you are a little more ambitious, then delve deeper and explore with scuba gear. You never know what wonders you may find. The versitilty of Coogee beach means it will suit families and surfers alike. And with the marine reserve status and excellent coastal paths, there is something for adventurers and scenery seekers alike too.


manly beach

Manly Beach source:

Manly beach Sydney is often considered a relaxed beach. But, don’t be fooled by this reputation, there is still plenty to do. There is the ferry ride around the harbour which allows you to stay dry whilst exploring the local delights. Peaceful sunbathing and paddling can easily be enjoyed at Manly beach. For those looking for a bit more excitement there are lots of water sports to enjoy. Manly beach is a brilliant place to learn Paddle Boarding or Kayaking. If you fancy some refreshments or a bite to eat, there are many great restaurants and bars along Manly Wharf.

Whichever beach you choose, you can be sure that Sydney offers up something special, and you will have memories to treasure for years to come.




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