Swimwear Trends for 2015 – Preparation is Key

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I’ve always been taught that preparation is key. During high school this meant handing in assignments a week early and then in college it meant studying before exams. Now that I am fresh out of the playground (sort of) I try to project this lesson into alternative daily chores such as shopping around for the perfect swimsuit as soon as possible – because despite the chill in the air we’re still dreaming of summer, am I right?

Season in and season out, designers craft sublime pieces of designer swimwear coinciding with the ongoing list of swimwear trends that you need to know this year, why? Because preparation is key.

Bring Back the One-Piece Swimwear

One piece swimwear

One piece swimwear

Sometimes fashion experiences a revolution of its own with key vintage pieces making a comeback, having us all wondering why the ever went out of style to begin with and the one piece is no exception. Crafted with neoprene or featuring a backless finesse – the one piece is one of the most classic yet flattering swimwear items on the market, artfully elongating the legs and following the natural curves of the body. Designers including NUERA and Coco and Max have curated timeless one-piece swimsuits perfect for adding a vintage edge to your summer style in 2015.

It’s a Crochet Thing

crochet bikini

Crochet bikini from Stay High Swimwear


There’s a sincere dedication to the art of crochet bikinis that is both engaging and stylish. Crochet swimwear is where craft and fashion come into play and has us all dreaming of an island escape somewhere among the Indonesian archipelago. Stayhighswimwear have implemented their own staple on crochet swim style, adding patterns and texture to their garments which are a must have this summer worn by themselves or with distressed denim when grabbing coffee after a swim, regardless – this style is a must have this summer.


The Power of Monochrome

Monochrome bikini

Monochrome bikini

Monochrome seems to always be on trend, however, this year the style is pulling out all of the stops as seen with this geometric design by Francesca Magnani of Dunnas Designs – which is ultimately perfect for an array of different body types which is one of many reasons why we love monochrome! The black and white patterns create flattering lines, texture and symmetry which overall creates daring yet stylish swimwear ensemble – teamed with tribal prints and geometric patterns, monochrome can do virtually anything. Adored by an array of A-list ladies such as Alessandra Ambrosio and Kendall Jenner, monochrome is a trusted wardrobe and summer essential for everyone this season both in and out of the water.

Hello High Waist, It’s Summer Calling

high waisted bikini

High waisted bikini

Ladies, our prayers have been answered – say hello to the best swimwear trend of 2015 yet: High Waisted Swimwear. For summer no style is more fitting than the high waisted design, sculpting the body’s natural curves and adding an athletic edge to beach style – this beautifully crafted design (pictured here by NUERA) is this season’s swimwear breakthrough. Another vintage comeback, the high waisted swim suit had me at hello when considering my own swimwear preferences this year and I suggest you all get on board or rather get prepared with this ultra, flattering ensemble.

Sports X Bikini Luxe



Sports Bikinis

Sports bikinis

Sports and Fashion now go hand in hand with one another with the creation of “sports luxe” a.k.a fashion meets sportswear or swimwear meets sportswear in this case. This trend is all things neoprene, featuring bikini crop tops depicting athletic wear and boy style short pants – perfect for an athletic summer look-book. Pepper Swimwear (image on the left) and NUERA (image on the right ) do sports luxe swimwear like no other, incorporating soft and bold tones with simple lines and slim fitting sportswear inspired pieces – perfect for an array of beach style activities this summer.

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