Swimwear Fashion Summer 2014 – Lights, Camera Splash Action

fashion swimwear

swimwear fashionIs Fashion Swimwear for Me?

Some of you may not consider yourselves to be fashionistas, but when it comes to women’s swimwear, there is something for everyone. No matter what shape, size, worries, budget or occasion, the swimwear fashions of 2014 can make you look and feel great.

The big trends this year are for bold colours and patterns. So, it is not s time to be a hermit crab! But, not to worry, there are other choices. And there are a huge variety of styles to choose from in this years trends.

From supermodel to super mum, everyone can shine just as bright this year. The sun will certainly have some competition!

 What are the fashions this year?

Obviously, the ubiquitous bandeau swimwear trend has swept the globe, and is very popular amongst celebrities and civilians alike.

Vintage is another big fashion this year. It is very classic and sophisticated, and can flatter many body types. Timeless fashion is always a great choice, and often vintage swimwear can be a great choice for the more conservative beach goers. The large straw hat and chic sunglasses accessory trends will perfectly compliment vintage swimwear too. Audrey Hepburn eat your heart out!

The monokini is another massive trend this year. However, it is most popular amongst daring celebs and civilians. It can be a little more covering than a bikini, but the cut of it usually allows for less error in movements. So, if you are planning anything active, or are blessed with substantial assets, you may want to steer clear of the Monokini.

Other fashionable styles this year include the brazilian bikini. Now, this is certainly one for the brave! It can be very revealing, and designed to accentuate beautiful curves. Don’t get me wrong; you don’t need to be a supermodel to wear one of these. You need some curves to do the design justice, but you certainly need a great deal of body confidence and self-belief.

Whatever style of swimwear you choose, if you have confidence and wear it with pride, you will most definitely walk as if you own the catwalk! And there are certainly many great styles to choose from in the 2013 fashion swimwear sector. So, it will definitely be a case of lights, camera and splash action for every beach babe.

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