Fun in the Sun: Swimming and Beach Games for Kids

Beach games for kids

Beach games for kids

We all love some fun in the sun, and if your idea of fun is frolicking with your little ones or partaking in family challenges, then you will love family beach games. However, if you would rather catch some rays and relaxation, then beach games for kids will help make your wish come true.

Family Beach Games

There are a number of family beach games that will have your entire brood enjoying fun in the sun. Many can adapt to the size, ages and fitness of your family, as well as the budget you have available.

For those more active families, why not try a tag relay race. This can be done on the beach or in the water, or perhaps a combination of both. This would obviously depend on the ages and abilities of those within your family. Basically, each team member has to run and or swim a set distance and then ‘tag’ in the next team member. The team who completes the course first, wins. Make sure you have an impartial judge, and if swimming for your kids is involved, appropriate children’s swimwear.

Where your family includes younger members, a treasure hunt is one of the greatest games to try. You can make the clues and length of hunt suitable for the ages of those involved, but bare in mind that even kids above reading age will have limited attention spans, particularly when out enjoying themselves. Try creating a treasure map to compliment the clues, most young pirate lovers will find this ever more exciting. Small toys make better treasure than edible items for obvious reasons, and keeping the circumference of your hunt clear and reasonably sized will make the outcome more successful. For young children, add visual clues like flags marking map points and treasure, and try to ensure the rest of the family supervise and ‘help’ them. Similarly, a timed sandcastle building competition can be a brilliant activity for the whole family that can incorporate young children. Beware; this can bring out everyone’s competitive side, so ensure you have an impartial judge and clear timer.

Classic games of all kinds can be adapted to be played on the beach. Baseball, tennis, frisbee and beach volleyball all make great beach games for your family. Using inflatable balls or larger racquets can make these activities more beach friendly and universally suitable. With activities like beach volleyball, in hotter countries, you will find all the equipment already at the beach, and you just need the appropriate beachwear (especially sports swimwear), making it free. Baseball, tennis and frisbee are also relatively inexpensive, so most families will find they can afford to enjoy these.


Beach Games for Kids

When you want the little darlings to have their own fun in the Sun, there are a number of good beach games for kids you can try. The success of each will depend on the ages and abilities of the kids in question. But, have no fear; there are suitable games for all.

A very popular game for kids of all ages is water balloon fights. This is also a very inexpensive and refreshing activity. The great thing is that it can last for a while, particularly if you can get the kids to create hideouts and make it like a mini war. If younger children were involved, there would need to be older siblings or friends involved helping and ensuring there are no choking incidents.

If you want beach games for kids that are suitable for younger kids to do independently, then something like a shell and pebble hunt, or build your dream sandcastle activity would be great. These allow the kids to use imagination, be resourceful and most of all safe, particularly if you keep them within your sight, and set boundaries. They also have untold possibilities for fun and discovery, and can be applied to any beach.

Finally, classic games such as catch and frisbee can allow for hours of fun, and can easily be adapted to incorporate more or less kids. They are also very affordable and don’t require a lot of equipment to be transported. Let’s not forget that old classic activity; kite flying. Again this is one that’s inexpensive, can be very successful at any beach, and will allow kids hours of fun in the Sun.

Whatever your idea of fun in the sun is, partaking in family beach games, or looking on as your little beach buddies enjoy beach games for kids, the above ideas may fill you with lovely feelings of childhood nostalgia and ensure a great day out for all the family.


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