Surf Through Life…Surfing Life and Surf Fitness

surfing life

Sufing life and surfng fitness

There are a lot of valuable life philosophies that can be lifted from surfing life. The key components to surfing life can help build great characteristics. Ones that are sure to help you surf through life. In order to be a great surfer, you also need great surf fitness. There are certain exercises to follow that will help you become the fearless surfer you dreamed of becoming.


What does Surfing Life incorporate?

What Surfing Life incorporates depends on the individual, but there are some common themes and principles that all surfers will recognize. In order to be a surfer, you will need to possess and embrace certain characteristics, as surfing is not a low impact or low risk sport. You need to be able to face challenges head on, be positive, face your fears, learn to listen to nature and empathize with surroundings, be patient, know when to take a risk and when to run, be prepared, take advice and use this to carve your own style/path, and act with conviction in the moment.


All of these are key to being a successful surfer, and when applied as philosophies to everyday life, they will help you become a better person. Surfing can resemble life in that it can have tremendous highs and lows, and to do it successfully you have to be prepared to weigh up risks and embrace opportunities. You must also have total determination to help you progress and succeed.


The surfer is equally relaxed and laid back as they are passionate and determined. This might be as you must be able to listen to nature and empathize with surroundings to succeed in riding the waves and doing so safely. It could also be due to the idyllic surroundings of surfers; beaches and coastal areas. Certain phrases and clothing styles have become synonymous with surfing life that are reflective of the sport and the attitudes of surfers.


Surf Fitness-How To Get Surf Ready

The other key component to surfing life is surf fitness. In order to truly embrace the sport, you need to be surf ready with regards to fitness. Strength, stamina and aerobic fitness are all required. Surfing will improve all of these, but you must get yourself to a certain fitness level before embracing the seas. This is for safety as much as enjoyment. Being a strong swimmer is the other essential aspect of being a successful surfer, as the waves will add difficulty.


The right swimwear is an important factor too; as you don’t have to wear a wetsuit. For women in particular, sports swimwear with a rash guard and board shorts are a popular option. Especially in modern times when there is such a vast array of trendy styles available, from one piece swimwear to sports bikinis.


In the gym you need to use the cardio equipment, particularly apparatus like the rowing machine, as this builds the arms and legs as well as cardio and stamina. The cross trainer is a good tool too. With weights and stretches, including lots of reps and progressing will help you become surf fit. Activities like Yoga can also be great for building strength, balance and core fitness; all essential for becoming a great surfer and revel in surfing life. Combining your exercise routine with swimming can help build confidence and fitness. Perfect for helping you surf through life.

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