Surfing in Australia: Sydney’s Most Popular Beach Hot Spots

Bondi beach

Surfing in Bondi Beach

Amongst many other wonderful things, everyone knows Sydney for it’s slick surfing culture and beautifully bronzed citizens wearing sports swimwear, as well as being home to undoubtedly some of the most stunning beaches in the whole world. Be sure to get on your board in the Sydney district in the following renowned hot spots, which are so sensational you will soon understand why they attract so many visitors!

Bondi Beach

Whilst an obvious choice, Bondi is famous for a reason. Within the stunning 1km stretch of warm sand and tanned bodies, one of the coolest places on earth to surf can be found. Whilst at the extreme southern end of the beach, board-riders looking for a thrilling experience amongst the fantastic waves can be found, those looking to take it a little more leisurely can still enjoy the more casual northern end of the beach. The north side caters for surf and safety, yet boardriders can still enjoy catching a wave whilst in the patrolled section of the beach. Alongside the calmest waters, a children’s swimming pool also enables kids to have fun amongst the waves. Bondi is also very famous for winning the Guinness World Record in 2007, for the largest swimsuit photo shoot with 1,010 women wearing bikinis. Although Bondi may not cater for die-hard surfers, it undeniably has one of the most fantastic atmospheres for soaking up sun amongst the surf.

Manly Beach

Situated in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, this iconic strip of sand with its eye-watering turquoise waters caters for learners and advanced surfers alike. Manly is also famous for having a large number of surf clothing shops sell everything from surfboards to swimsuits.  The southern end of the beach is superb for learners and children due to the gentle waves and sandbanks that allow predictable rip formations. Fairy Bower is a reef popular with experienced surfers, and in the summer, winds break up the banks which can provide some fantastic quality waves. Manly Surf School South provides a fantastic service for all types of surfer throughout the year, making it a beach certainly worth a visit, no matter how experienced you are.

North Narrabeen

Narrabeen is renowned as one of the greatest surf breaks in world. With over 3km of sand stretch, this beach gives rise to some of the most fantastic waves, and sunsets, in the world. Due to the lake emptying into the sea here, a deep channel is created, which forms the sand bank that creates a classic break. With 4 livesaving clubs along the beach providing qualified, volunteer life-saving patrols to protect surfers and swimmers, you can surf in comfort and security. The Surf Club has also recently undergone extensive rebuilding, providing a beautiful floor-to-ceiling ocean vista, enhancing the surfing experience on this beach.


Made up of four beaches, these are generally uncrowded, safe, and sandy, offering some fun and gentle waves 40 minutes from the CBD. Cronulla is also a great place to shop for surfboards and board-shorts, with surf labels here well represented. Cronulla was declared the fifth National Surfing Reserve site in Australia, presenting its significance to recreational surfing. With the surf club in a magnificent art deco building on the beachfront, some great spots for fish and chips on the beach after surfing, and some fantastic restaurants for casual and al fresco dining, it is the perfect beach for relaxing after a hard day’s surf.

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