Surfing in Australia – Surf Camp Survival Guide

surfing in australia

Surfing in Australia

So we’ve all had a few weeks to really let it sink in that the hot weather is going to pack up its things, call a taxi and go holiday in the northern hemisphere for the next 6 months.

But the taxi hasn’t arrived yet and hot weather is still waiting outside our door, glancing at its watch and tapping its feet. We’ve mulled over the idea of winter in our heads, swished it around our mouths, but if you’re like me, you just aren’t quite ready to give up wearing your hot beach bikini as much as humanly possible.

Earlier on I wrote a blog about the surf culture and surf camps in Australia. Now that we’re in the business end of the season, here are my tips if you decide to surf away to somewhere almost still summer.

Decide if Surfing is Right for You

People fly in from all over the world to surf Australia. It doesn’t matter what language you speak or what your skills are, you’ll be able to meet people and make friends.

There’s no room for divas on a surf camp. You’ll have to pull your weight and listen to instructions. If your surf coach tells you to wax your board, you wax your board! Obviously 90% of the time you’ll be relaxing, soaking up the sun, having lunch and swimming and playing on your board, but if you’re expecting to be waited on hand and foot, you’re going to be disappointed.

However, if you’re outdoorsy, a bit of a party animal or a lot adventurous surfing camps are heaven on earth!

Grab a Great Group of Friends

Why not share the experience with friends or family? Surfing camps are the perfect place to rekindle flames, catch up with old friends or bring your family closer together. You’ll be in close quarters with them – sharing waves, drinks and secrets day after day – so remember to bring your own fluffy towel and guard it with your life! You’ll thank me on day two!

If your friends are being boring, no need to worry. It can be incredibly therapeutic experiencing new things on your own, and with the variety of people and relaxed nature of the trip you will be exchanging facebook names and tagging photos before you realise.

What to Pack

Girls, leave the straighteners at home. If you’re not getting sprayed by waves, you’ll be going for morning or afternoon dips, there will be sun and wind and let’s face it, people pay to get that ‘just came out of the surf’ beach girl hair. Embrace it!
Don’t take fancy clothes or high heels, you won’t need them.

Pack your wicked bikinis, shorts, sundresses and your thongs. Make sure you take more than one pair of swimwear, as you’ll be needing them on rotation to avoid the cringing sensation of pulling on wet clothes. Sports bikinis are essential, especially if you’re just learning to surf and might take a tumble or two into the water. A red bikini or something with bright patterns is a great staple to have if you want to look stylish without all the fancy clothes.

Bring your Beauty Products on your Surfing Trip

I cannot stress this enough; take sunscreen! Lobster red skin is never attractive.

More often than not, your surfing company will provide a goop of good heavy duty sunscreen for you everyday, but for faces it would be wise to bring your own. Some people need sunscreen to be especially sensitive, or non-greasy, or tinted in place of make-up. If you get one that is good quality you can slap it on in the morning and forget about it!

Take really delicious smelling after sun cream or oil as well. It’ll cool your skin, and make you feel smooth and healthy all over. After surfing, use your after sun cream and a little hair oil for your ends and your good to go!

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