Surfing Holidays? Check Out Our Tips for the World’s Best Surf Spots!

Surfing in Bali

Surfing holidays, surfing in Bali

It is undeniable that Australia offers some of the most fantastic surfing spots in the whole world, attracting thousands of visitors each year. It is not uncommon finding girls surfing big waves wearing beautiful sports bikinis.

Yet for those who desire a surfing holiday a little further afield, here are some top tips on where to find a handful of the world’s hottest surfing spots:

Banzai Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii

On the island of Oahu, the Banzai Pipeline may be found on the gorgeous Northern Shore, and is one of the most spectacular places for finding some notoriously giant waves from the rough North Pacific. Competitions are held every December, which is perfect for professionals, and for those who are rather less experienced surfers, there are a number of surf schools along the bay in coves protected from the giant waves. In time not spent catching waves, the beautiful Hawaiian coast is so picturesque it has been the scenery for a number of TV series and films including Lost, Blue Crush, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, with some fantastic deserted beaches and waterfalls to explore.


Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

Regarded as one of the best right hand break points in the world, South Africa’s Jeffrey’s Bay is an excellent surfing spot due to its consistency and quality of waves. Having been divided up into certain sections, the “Supertubes” district is one of the most popular for surfers due to its breaks of more than 300m. The best season to visit is over summer due to the exceptional consistency of waves. Home to the Billabong Pro surfing competition, this once sleepy fishing village has now developed into an expanding urban area, home to some fantastic seafood and even better sunsets.


Uluwatu and Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Comprising some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, Uluwatu and Kuta attract professional surfers from across the world, as well as beginners who merely want to be a part of the action and experience the breathtaking views. A lack of dangerous rocks or coral make the beaches excellent for surfers, with the peak season being between April to October. Uluwatu is also broken up into sections for the unique style of waves at each point. When taking a break from surfing, it is time to check out the Uluwatu Temple, which is inhabited by monkeys!


Newquay, UK

Although a little cooler than the other surfing destinations mentioned, this seaside resort has been transformed into a surfing mecca for the UK. Situated in Cornwall at one of the UK’s most southwesterly points, dozens of surf schools may be found for beginners, and some giant waves for those with a little more experience for a true adrenalin rush. Fistral Beach is particularly popular for its ability to produce powerful, hollow waves creating a good swell. Beautiful Cornish scenery runs in every direction, and for those seeking a little après-surf, a number of great local restaurants, bars, and clubs provide some great nightlife.


Pasta Point, Maldives 

This gorgeous location offers a long, high-performance wave for approximately 150 yards. The perfect weather conditions and outstanding scenery in every direction aids the fantastic choice of left and right reef breaks. The beauty of Pasta Point is arguably the often deserted beaches allowing an undiscovered stretch of surf. Check out the innumerable beaches of the islands post-surf for some unbelievable scenery.

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