Surf Photography – Your New Winter Sport?


Surfing in Australia

Summer is over. Ok until October anyway. That fond spot on the beach has been swept over, the smell of sun cream has been replaced by heavy duty moisturiser and that gorgeous golden glow is beginning to fade. However, there are many winter sports that you can take up that will mean you will still feel the wind on your face, the smell of the salt air and get to wear your swimming costume. Surfing is an integral part of beach culture in Australia. Many people seem to learn to surf before they can walk or talk! However, it’s not for everyone. I am much handier with a camera than I am hurling myself into the ocean so I thought why not take up surf photography? We’ve all seen heaps of cool photos of surfers in their element/doing what they do so why not have a go at taking them yourself? Luckily you can find waves in Australia all year round so winter won’t stop you capturing the waves.

How to start surf photography

The best thing is to get down to the beach and start practicing. If you haven’t got an SLR or even a digital camera you can buy disposable ones to start with. With a digital camera or SLR though you can practice and critique your photos instantly, learning what does and doesn’t work.

Get the best sports bikini in your action shot

A female surfer performing a maneuver wearing a great sports bikini on a beautiful wave is always a photographic inspiration.  Every wave is different and every surfer has his or her own unique style. As a photographer, the elements of surfing make it both enjoyable and exciting to capture. Understanding the kinds of surf maneuvers to capture and knowing the best moments of action are crucial.

Get creative

You don’t need a massive zoom or really expensive camera you just need to get creative with your angle. Walk around the beach and work out where the lighting is best or where you can get a great shot from. Maybe walk down the pier to get a different view. You might need to even branch out onto some rocks and really try and get in the mix

What swimwear should I wear?

Even if you’re not going to be surfing I recommend getting into a swimsuit and taking your beach clothes with you. You never know, the sun might come out. This way you can go in the shallow water and try and capture that magical surfing moment.

Good luck! And feel free to send your snaps to us!!

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