Supportive Swimwear for your Yummy Mummy for Mother’s Day

Mothers Day

Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is staring you in the face, and you can’t think what to get her. “Don’t get me anything. Just flowers’ll do.”

But she’s the most important woman in your life – she deserves more.

You could send her away to the Caribbean – no, wait. That’s a bit expensive. Leave it to any rich siblings to shower her with holidays. Instead, why not help her be the beach babe she’s always wanted to be with some sizzling supportive swimwear?

It’s hard to buy swimwear for yourself, let alone someone else, so focus on these major areas:

1. Supportive swimwear for mum’s breast


They’re a blessing and a hindrance, and you tortured your mum’s breast when you lived inside her rent-free for 9 months. The key word is support. Support, support, support!

Support is non-existent if you’re wearing the wrong bra size. When buying online, make sure you really study that size guide. Have a snoop around your mum’s clothes to work out her proportions, or take her along to your next bra-fitting and encourage her to try some too.

Styles? A strapless bikini can be awkward if your concern is support, whereas a halter-neck is sexy and age-appropriate, with less obvious tan lines.


2. Tummy control swimwear

Unless you’re very lucky, tummy rhymes with mummy for a reason. It’s just one of the side-effects of pregnancy.

There are lots of options for tummy-control swimwear, but you can also trick the eye. An eye-catching pattern or ruffles will draw attention away from problem areas and towards the bits Mum loves best.

3. Thighs!

Oh, thighs. The bane of everyone’s life, yet Beyonce still makes them look good. Those of us who aren’t Beyonce have to put up with wobbly bits and cellulite.

Mum will probably panic when she sees her brand-new bikini. That can’t hide your thighs, right?

Wrong. We can hide big thighs with a beautiful sarong, but a swimsuit can flatter thighs all by itself.

This will be perfect for any mothers who grew up in the 50s – grab her a one-piece with a skirted hem and some massive polka-dots. Not only will her thighs look great, but Mum will  be singing Elvis and doing her hair like Marilyn Monroe.

Mums can find the perfect flattering swimsuit to make them feel like comfortable.

Breast? Tick. Tummy? Tick. Thighs? Tick. Perfect Mother’s Day prezzy sorted? Tick. She’ll be all ready for the summer season and she’ll finally see herself as the yummy mummy she really is.

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