Summer Beach Games for Adults

beach games for adults

Summer beach games for adults

With summer just around the corner in the northern hemisphere, it seems endless. But how many hours can you spend in your swimwear sunbathing or just swimming lengths? You packed the sun cream, towel and even your new bikini but you forgot to bring those all-important beach games. Don’t worry though there are many games you can play with just a little imagination and a few things you’d find on a beach:


Sand darts the easieast beach game

This is one of the quickest and easiest beach games as all it needs is a few pebbles and enough space in the sand to draw a large circle. Each player should have a pebble of a similar size and be several feet away from a large circle with 4 circles within it like a dart board. The players should then take it in turns to throw their pebble as close to the centre circle as possible, the person with the pebble closest to the centre wins. The game can be made harder with more circles put within the large circle, using shells instead of flat pebbles or the players being further away from the circles. The circles can also be given points and the players given more pebbles to throw and then the person with the highest score would win.


Drift wood hockey, the lesser known game

It is a lesser known beach favourite. Like the name suggests each player should find a similar size piece of drift wood, a net should also be set up for each team and a rounded pebble should be used. Players should be divided into teams (or match on ability if there is an uneven number) and aim to get the pebble into the other team’s net (which can be created with towels or bags), after 2 minutes the winners are the team with the most points. This game can also be adapted for playing with younger children by setting up an assault course with larger rocks or bags and racing the other team to see who can complete the assault course fastest.


Sand Pictionary beach game

It is where players compete against one another (or in teams) to correctly guess what the other player is drawing, after 2 minutes if it hasn’t been guessed it is the other players turn. If a player correctly guesses they receive the point, the winner is the player with the most points at the end of the game. This can be made harder by only allowing the player to use shells, pebbles and seaweed or can be made easier by allowing the player to draw with a stick.

There are many games that can be played in the sand alone such as noughts and crosses, squares and even hangman! There is no limit to the games that can be played at the beach, all you need is a little imagination and creativity and you may never need to buy a volleyball kit again. Finally you should be considerate of other beach users and take back whatever you brought to the beach, so next time you visit it is clean for even more beach fun.

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