Seahorse Silks – Smooth Scarves and Resort Wear from Mother Nature

Robyn Boothey Beach Photography

1.When did you come up with the idea creating image printed beach dresses?

A couple of years ago. I was doing architectural photography and wanted to do something different.

2.Is beach photography your secondary passion?

Photography is my passion. It is a beautiful world. Photographs don’t have to always be printed on canvas and hung on a wall.  Printing on fabrics is just a different way of displaying an image.

Beach Photography North Cottesloe WA

Robyn Boothey taking photos in North Cottesloe, WA

Beach Photo Margaret River, WA

Robyn Boothey taking photos in Margaret River, WA

3.Why did you choose the name Seahorse Silks?

I started as Images Clothing, but friends who know more about marketing than I did, said it is too generic. If someone googles “Images” and “Clothing” too much will come up.

Many designers use their own names but Robyn Boothey just doesn’t cut it. After tossing around many ideas and receiving a resounding NO to “Rich Type of Resort Wear“, a girlfriend came up with Seahorse. Inspired by my love of the sea and horses. There was already a, so I took the advice of the lady who designed my logo and gift boxes and added silks on the end.


Seahorse Silks Beach Dresses

Seahorse Silks Beach Dresses

4.Why do you prefer silks and chiffon fabric?

Whether it’s 100% silk or 100% polyester I believe it has to feel good. Silk feels wonderful against the skin. It does feel luxurious and it is actually a bit tougher than most people think.
But I am not against the polyester fabrics. The latest ones are very good. They drape well and wash and wear like a rag which is great for travelling.  Whatever the fabric, it must feel good. The first step to looking good, is feeling good.

5.Where do you find inspiration for your creations?

Easy – Mother Nature

6.What are your target markets?

I like to think Seahorse Silks beach dresses can be worn at any age. I just want to make a few things for people who like something different and appreciate the uniqueness of what I am doing. I take large orders on request too, so that broadens the possibilities.

7.Can you describe your collection using 3 words?

Mother Nature’s Masterpieces

8.What is your favourite piece of the collection?

Probably my Prussian Extra Large Scoop Scarf. I wear it as a sarong in the summer and wear it to death as a scarf in the winter.


Blue Pareo

9.When did you launch?

I started fiddling with this a couple of years ago, but was working full time and couldn’t devote much time to it. I only really got serious in the middle of last year. Launch is not a term I would use – we are more “plodding along”.

10.What is next for you?

I haven’t got to “next” yet.

11.What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a business like yours?

Probably “Don’t do it!” Ha ha.  Someone said to me at the very beginning “If this was easy – everyone would be doing it.”  And that is very true. It’s not easy. Mind you, I knew absolutely nothing about fashion, fabrics, printing, pattern making or any of it when I started. So, it has been a huge learning curve.

12.What are the challenges you faced when launching your new products?

My biggest challenge was knowing absolutely nothing about what I was doing.  From garment manufacturing to internet “stuff”. SEO’s, meta descriptions etc still does my head in.

13.Is there any big WOW that you would like to share with us?

I guess what has struck me is how the colours of nature suit so many people.  I have found that I can take an image, make something and it will look good on so many different people.

The regular ideas of what colours go together, what suits different age groups, skin tones etc seems to go out the window if you stick to what Mother Nature has created.
For example, the Red Hot image kaftan looks great on young, old, fair, and dark. I have a friend who wears hers with bright coral leggings and looks fantastic.

Red is absolutely NOT my colour and yet I have one of the jersey dresses and it looks really good.  I’ve seen the Crystal Wave scarf on a fair skinned blonde and an olive skinned brunette and it looks great on both of them. I have just decided to go with Mother Nature – she always gets it right.

14.Where is your favourite beach and why?

So very many beautiful beaches all over the world and I haven’t even been to half of them. We are blessed here in WA with some truly gorgeous ones. Too hard to pick. I love them all.  I adore the colours and patterns of the water.  I love the way it changes every day.


Avalon in WA

Avalon in WA

15.What is your favourite personal quote?

Don’t know that I have one.  “S*** Happens” is appropriate in a lot of cases :).

16.What is your favourite colour?


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