School Beach Holidays: Filling Two Weeks with Fresh Air and Fun

Beach activities during school holidays

Beach activities during school holidays

School holidays are upon us once again. If you are fortunate enough to be holidaying with your children over this break, why not aim to spend much of the time outdoors together with them and their friends for some beach activities.Choosing to forego the cinema for the beach holidays, you are guaranteed to enjoy fresh air, fitness, a laugh and some fun in equal measure.

There are many ‘organised activities’ in the school holidays, and while they are usually well-run and good fun, they can also cost a bomb. Especially when you have two or more children to consider.  With a couple of buddies, your kids will love you for taking them along to your local beach and coordinating a few activities.


Holiday fun at the beach

Having spent the best part of Term one in the classroom, children of all ages will relish in the freedom of the beach. Requiring nothing more than kid’s swimsuits, hours can be lost frolicking in the water.


Swimming in the waves

Whether it’s with surfboards or boogie boards, or simply splashing about in the shallows, kids will burn off energy, play with friends and family and gain confidence while at the beach. A pair of swim goggles and they can even look for life underwater, discovering a whole new world.

Ball sports on the beach

Skim balls, beach balls, and tennis balls, are great fun at the beach. Beach cricket or beach volleyball can be easily enjoyed with little required in terms of equipment. A few eager participants, and a beach game is born. Rules can be either kept simple or modified for the location.


Beach Combing

Beach combing with Granny is a pastime that has been cherished by the young and old alike for generations. Collecting shells and other treasures while spending time walking and talking together is a simple joy.



Fishing has been introduced to many a keen angler’s son from the youngest of ages. While success from the sand on the beach is limited, throwing in a line from a jetty can encourage a larger haul.

With fishing, it’s all about the process. Perhaps you have a ‘nipper sucker’ to collect your own bait, then you need to thread your line onto the rod, attach your sinkers and lures and finally cast off and wait. Spending time with your kids and their friends in the pursuit of fish is fun, educational and might even reward you with dinner.



Camping – it’s a divided camp so to speak. Enthusiasts swear by it, the uninitiated are wary. No one however, will dispute the enjoyment children get from sleeping in the great outdoors.

If you are lucky enough to have access to a camping spot, with basic amenities and it’s on the beachfront, you can’t go wrong. All the action items already mentioned in this post can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own camp-spot. Everyone will sleep soundly on his or her camp mattresses having spent entire days in the fresh beach air.

Don’t forget the magic of toasted marshmallows and stories around the campfire at night.

Search no further for school holiday highlights and lasting childhood memories.


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