Sarongs, the Perfect Beachwear Accessory



When you’re on the beach you may find that there’s an element missing from your beachwear. Whether it is an accessory or what you’ve chosen to wear doesn’t totally give you the confidence that you need; but you just can’t put your finger on what it could be. Maybe a sarong? The perfect coverup for your swimsuit.

What is a sarong?

Now there are quite a few beach goers that do not know what a sarong is and I must say that this piece is a lifesaver! A sarong is traditionally known as a large tube or length of fabric, often wrapped around the waist in countries like Asia. But this is different to our context. The sarongs worn on the beach are still fabric that’s wrapped around the waist but they are usually made from a light fabric with all kinds of designs to suit the individual wearing them. Sarongs are great coverups for bathing suits – they’re cute, lightweight and totally versatile.

Why should I wear a sarong?

You should wear a sarong for a variety of reasons. But the main one I believe is that it acts as a cover up. Many women don’t like their legs, or don’t feel right just showing their bottom halves when out in public and wearing a bikini. These provide the perfect cover up. They’re stylish, they suit anyone and wearing one doesn’t just mean you’re trying to cover something up, and it might also mean that you’re keeping up with the trend.

How do they work?

In addition to being in a wrap style, sarongs can also have ties which would be the long, thin bits of fabric that the individual can tie to ensure the wrap does not come apart. If there’s no tie sometimes a pin can be used. Also, the fabric usually can just be tucked under itself in the layers as it is usually made of a very versatile fabric. And, even a belt can be used to hold a sarong in place.

Any other features?

Sarongs can have decorative fringing on either side, they can be made in different materials, fabrics. They are known for having beautiful designs and patterns all around the world and they can be worn by any age. Remember, if you don’t think a sarong will suit you, then try it. I am sure your opinion will change.

Just remember that when you are wearing a sarong that you can wear it with confidence. It definitely does not mean that you are covering anything up, but more emphasizing and drawing attention to other parts of your body. They’re a stylish way to keep in trend and every beach season the sarong is usually a must have so you can never go wrong.

It also makes the perfect present as you can pick any colour, design etc and it will be flattering. And there are no muddles with sizes as they all usually come as one size to fit all anyway.

Why not check your favourite swimwear shops like Aquazzurra. So if you have not tried one yet I urge you to, it might turn out to be your favourite beachwear accessory yet!

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