Rip Curl Those Waves with a Surf Bikini

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Sports bikinisCan I wear a bikini for surfing?

In the past, it was unthinkable that a bikini and surfing could go hand in hand. But, today, you most certainly rock a bikini whilst rip curling some waves! Not only that, you will be lucky enough to choose from a selection of durable, practical and surf proof bikinis that also look stylish.

The modern day sports bikini doesn’t look frumpy or masculine in the slightest. Your toned surfing body deserves to be flattered with fashionable yet sporty bikinis. Just because you are a surfer babe, doesn’t mean you can’t be a total babe.

Having the right sports bikini will give you the confidence to feel good about your style, whilst simultaneously reassuring you that everything will stay in place. You need to know your swimwear won’t be ripping or coming loose, so you can concentrate on rip curling those waves!

Is Training Swimwear Suitable For Surfing?

Training swimwear is naturally designed to be more durable, and to stay in place whilst you kick ass at your sport. However, whether it is suitable for surfing is subjective. In general it will be suitable, but it may not give you the full protection, so you would need board shorts and rash guards etc. This would depend on your surfing style and intensity.

The great thing about training swimwear is that it is designed to enhance your performance and help keep you comfortable and things intact. As with sports bikinis, today there is also a wide range of stylish designs available, so you really can be sporty chic.

The exact kind of training swimwear you require will be determined by your activity, and the intensity with which you enjoy this. Some training swimwear can be a little expensive, but if you are a frequent sportswoman, and you compete on a regular basis, it is certainly worth investing in a swimsuit from such a range.

However, there are many affordable ranges available, and they will give you the durability, comfort and confidence you need. With regards to surfing, some women may prefer competitive swimwear to a sports bikini as it gives more coverage/protection to the midriff and has sports qualities. However, it doesn’t give the same element of freedom that a sports bikini will.

Whichever you choose, a sports bikini and training swimwear will both give you reassurance, confidence and durability. And, equally as important, they will allow you to express your style in keeping with the latest trends, so you will be a surfer babe and a total babe!

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