Ride The Trends-Surf Fashion and Surfer Girl

Surf Fashion

Surf Fashion

Surfing is about so much more than a wetsuit and some waves. Surf fashion plays a huge part in a surfer’s identity. The surfer girl will know more than ever that it takes a lot of effort and great swimwear fashion choices to project that laid back surfer look.


How do I create that effortless surf style?

Surf fashion may be relaxed and effortless, but this look does not come without effort. Much like other fashion, there are changes and quirks to help keep you on trend and individual. The thing about surf fashion is that it often needs to be trendy but practical, as most of it revolves around the beach. However, Surf fashion goes beyond clothing and accessories; it is part of who you are, and so naturally, some of the fashion will extend beyond surf time, and into home and social life.


In the water, you don’t necessarily need to wear a wetsuit. For a surfer girl, a surf bikini or sports swimsuit will be fine, but make sure it is designed for sports or tight fitting and supportive, to avoid any embarrassing malfunctions. If you are not keen on that much exposure, you can opt for the wetsuit, or a more trendy option of adding a pair of board shorts to the outfit. For guys, a wetsuit or pair of board shorts will be fine. There are lots of great styles, lengths and patterns to choose from this season, for both surfer girls and surfer dudes.

If you are a beginner, you may want to opt for the sports swimwear and board shorts option, as it can be cheaper and more versatile. You may even have sports swimwear that you have purchased for another activity. Surfing can be tricky to learn, but having the right attire can help you on your way . Although not the epitome of style, practicality wise, you need to invest in some kind of rash guard.


Outside of the water, the surfer style continues, and there are plenty of wardrobe options to help you look the part. Shorts, playsuits, beach dresses, jeans, skirts, hoodies, shirts and t-shirts. Pretty much the same clothing items as most of us wear, but with specific styles and brands. There are even websites that sell purely surf fashion.

Surfer Girl-what do I need?

For a surfer girl, just like any other girl, getting the fashion choices right can help boost confidence and image. Just because you are sporty, and partake in what was a typically male orientated sport, doesn’t mean you can’t look good doing it! The modern day woman can have it all. As mentioned above, getting the right sports swimwear or wetsuit is essential for in the water, but there are plenty of fashionable options and the same goes for board shorts.


Out of the water, you will want to continue with your look, and there are lots of choices. For daytime, a playsuit or trendy pair of ripped shorts and cute tank top will be great. Or, if the weather isn’t so good, a hoodie or fitted surfer girl shirt with skinny jeans will help you look the part. For eveningwear, Linen trousers or embellished Hareem Pants with a patterned knit or detailed tank top would be ideal. A patterned Maxi Dress or Sleeveless Short Dress can help add some ‘girly’ style. Adding some accessories will help style you for the evening. Straw hats, beaded jewellery and statement sunglasses are the perfect accessories this season.


It’s important to remember, that whether you are a pro surfer heading for some of Australia’s surfing hotspots or an utter novice, then surf swimwear fashion can help boost your confidence and image. This is never truer than for the surfer girl, no matter if she is a pro wave rider, or a beginner who is just a surfer girl at heart.



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