Reviving Your Surf Culture and Beating the End of Summer Blues

surfing australia

Surfing Australia

Growing up in a small beachside town meant that during the summer life was naturally centred around the ocean. Surf culture tracked its way up from the water in wet sandy footprints and teemed through the streets and for us, summer was wet towels, sandy feet, board shorts and hot bikinis (to be worn absolutely everywhere). It was also the occasional birthdays dinners with Layne Beachley, and of course, school subjects that included scuba diving and surfing.

During the week we would have school and work, but the weekends meant abandoning any thought of homework and heading down to the beach. There we would surf, swim, slather ourselves in Reef Coconut Oil and listen to the beach boys all day.

A great way to encapsulate those treasured summers, particularly when life is getting a little to grey around the edges, is to sign up for a surfing camp.

Being the lucky sun kissed country that we are, snow may be difficult to get to but surf camps and surfing companies are springing up all along the Australian coast at the first sound of a wave.

If you’re holiday leave is a looking a little too slim, or a scary lack of sick days is suddenly sitting you down and slapping you in the face, don’t worry – you don’t need to take off weeks to be able to enjoy the wonderful relief that a surfing holiday brings you.

Want to learn how to surf?

Most surfing companies within Australia have lots of different deals, ranging from a full day of lessons (and lunch!) to tours and camps that can span anytime from two days to two weeks. They usually include accommodation in a private surfing camp, fun freebies, a wetsuit if needed and a brightly coloured surfboard for the day.

Grab your weekend or overnight bag, fill it with sunscreen, your most colourful sports swimwear and your tiniest bikini (for sunbaking), a towel and sunnies and head to the beach to banish your 9 to 5 blues and add some colour back into those cheeks before summer is up!

For those of us who may be a little bit rusty, or might still struggle to tell the difference between a surf board and driftwood, don’t be afraid to jump right in! There are surfing lessons that range from the greenest of beginners to the very advanced.

Surfing lessons for kids

Also, for all the miniature surfers, Surf Groms has programs that are specially tailored to fit around school hours, weekends and holidays, and caters to kids from the ages of 5 up to 16.

In addition to surf coaching, the programs teach basic survival skills, first aid procedures, CPR and how to read the waves and currents safely. It’s a great way to meet new people, get the kids active and aware about surf safety. Don’t forget to buy good quality kids swimwear – they’ll be living in it!



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