Pregnancy Swimwear: Why You Should Feel More Confident Than Ever Whilst Swimming

Pregnancy swimwear

Pregnancy swimwear – wear your bikini during pregnancy

It is a well known fact that the more active and fit you are during pregnancy, the easier it will be to adapt to your changing shape and weight gain, and there is some evidence that active women have a reduced risk of experiencing problems in later pregnancy and labour.


Swimming is an excellent activity during pregnancy

The water supports your increased weight, and many pools and fitness clubs offer aquanatal classes. Yet for many women, what to wear in the pool with a changing body shape can be a real issue, in many cases affecting confidence for those struggling to adapt during exercise. This article will show you a very different side to this situation – with many great styles and shapes of pregnancy women’s swimwear available on the market equipped to accommodate a growing bump, you really should embrace this exciting stage of life and try out as many gorgeous styles as possible! Here are some tips for choosing your pregnancy swimwear:

Pregnancy swimwear does NOT mean you have to compromise on fashion

So many designers have recently really worked on creating fashionable maternity swimwear, crafting new styles to shape growing curves, with many desirable styles being strutted down catwalks.

Halterneck style swimwear

Halter neck styles of bikinis tops are great for adding extra support to a developing bust, and help you feel more secure and confident about avoiding mishaps whilst swimming. They are particularly flattering and really emphasise the beauty of the bump, helping to make you feel glowing whilst exercising throughout your pregnancy.

Pretty details on many styles really add style to pregnancy swimwear – think floral bows, frilled edges, and rushing to add some elements of interest. Just because you have to opt for a slightly larger swimsuit, it does not mean it has to be bland!

Swimwear size

Make sure you do measure your bump – don’t pick a size that is too small. You will feel much more comfortable in a swimsuit that isn’t too tight, so depending on how far along you are, adapt to this size.


Separate tankini tops and bikini bottoms can be a blessing for those who don’t fancy being contained within the elastic band effect of a normal swimsuit. Mix and match or grab a tankini top with corresponding bottoms for a refreshing breeze to your midriff which gives you the feeling of freedom during pregnancy.

Don’t forget – if you feel like it, there is nothing wrong with wearing a normal bikini during your pregnancy. These options are just there to cater for those who wish to pick something a little larger for their growing bumps. Remember, pregnancy is a time to feel confident in whatever you wear, so enjoy swimming in style!

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