Party Time – Beach Style

kids swimwear for beach party

kids swimwear for beach party

When preparing to host a birthday party for your child, it can be difficult to come up with something unique as well as fun. A well-organised beach party can be both these things and healthy too, as the children enjoy the fresh air, the exercise and the water. Fancy party clothes are overlooked at a beach party in favour of comfy and colorful kids swimwear.

Like all parties, the success of your beach party is all in the planning. The theme can be kept simple and with children, the secret is to get the basics right.

These basics include the games, the food and the location. The details such as a coordinated cups, napkins & beach towels and personalized party favors should be saved for a teenage girls party – where these types of finishing touches will be appreciated.

The location – ideally the beach – ensures the setting for your party is completely on theme without you having to do much at all. Some shade might be a good idea on the warmer days, so umbrellas or gazebos could be considered, while all guests (big & small) should wear hats and sunscreen.

Below are some age appropriate beach party games for children, as well as some ideas for the teenagers too.


Beach Games for Kids

Beach Games for Girls

Girls will always enjoy the opportunity to dress up for a party, so girls swimwear in either a one piece or girls bikini will see them party, swim and play in style.

Hula Hoop – a variety of hoop based games can be played starting with a competition for the child who can make the most number of hula rotations around their waist with the hoop. Other games might include using the hoops on the floor to jump into or holding a hoop up and using it to throw balls through.

Sandcastle building – Mermaid themed sandcastles complete with seaweed for long hair.

Nougats and Crosses – pair up guests and use a stick to draw out the grid and take it in turns to play

Musical Beach Towels – the same concept as Musical Chairs but easier to dive for a towel in the soft sand

Treasure Hunt – hide a variety of appropriate items and give players clues in the form of a treasure map as to where to dig to find the treasure

Beach Games for Boys

An energetic lot, boys will love nothing more that sliding their bare limbs across the sand and into the water in some friendly, party competition. Dress them in Boys swimwear and a hat and they’ll be ready to rumble!

Sea Creature Relay Race – nominate a creature for each team member (eg: sand crab) and players pretend to be that creature for the relay race

Tug of War – try to win by keeping out of the water

Ring Toss  or Quoits

Beach Bowling – take some skittles and some balls

Fill a bucket with water relay race – using hands to carry water each team tries to fill their bucket with water first

Treasure Hunt – a pirate map drawn with clues for the boys to locate the treasure


Beach Games for Teenagers

Sandcastle competitions – make sure you have all the supplies ready and see who can make the best (themed?) sandcastle

Dance Contest / Limbo – lots of fun with a soft landing

Ball Games – Volleyball, Water balloon catch, Frisbee

Long Jump Competition

Kite Flying – consider making their own kites and then flying them


No matter the age, a beach party is sure to be a hit. Even without the prior party planning of games and food, the beach provides cheap and healthy entertainment. Put a little effort into arranging some games, and the party you throw will be a memorable one for all the right reasons.

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