Monokinis and tummy control swimwear – find the best swimwear for your body type

Boneswimmer Monokini


If you find that you are on the beach and don’t feel as confident as you would like to in whatever it is you choose to wear, then chances are you haven’t picked the right swimwear for yourself! I know this seems like an obvious conclusion, but there are so many women out there that will pick a bikini because it looks pretty and when it comes to crunch time they find that all they want to do is cover up. Let’s solve this problem, shall we?

So what swimwear is are out there?

Now, most of us aren’t bikini models and we find that wearing a bikini is a daunting aspect, but remember nowadays there is so much choice when it comes to swimwear that we need not worry about what to wear when on the beach. There’s an alternative to bikinis out there like one piece swimwear or monokinis. Both are just as amazing when out there and I always preach that when wearing swimwear, one must always feel comfortable in what they’re wearing because the most important person to impress is yourself!

One piece swimwear: tummy control swimwear

If you’ve just had a baby or you’re not as confident as you think you should be on the beach, why not start off by wearing a one piece? There are so many variations out there that you won’t feel like you’ve gone back to the dinosaur age by choosing a one piece. One of my favourite creations has to be the tummy control swimwear. They enhance the shape, make you look and feel gorgeous whatever your size and come in so many styles that you’re completely spoilt for choice. This type of swimwear is so flattering that I have 3 or 4 myself. Remember they come in so many designs like ruffles, halter, bandeau and even push up and the list goes on. So why not try one?

The monokini

Now, the monokini. I would say that these are for the more adventurous of you out there. They might seem a bit daunting but trust me these also will enhance your figure. They cover up like a one piece, but there are also daring in parts where they tend to feature openings at the sides and cut outs at either the front, back or maybe both. Depending on what you feel most confident in, there’s always a variation to suit your style, so never compromise for anything less. Monokini swimwear is very sexy but also has that element of a one piece so if you don’t feel confident just yet to wear a bikini in public I would suggest trying out a monokini. They will bring out your inner model, trust me.

What swimwear do I choose?

So what to do? That’s up to you. My mantra is always being comfortable when choosing swimwear. The alternatives that exist just prove there’s no excuse to go out and not enjoy how we look. We all have gorgeous bodies and finding the swimwear that emphasises that is difficult but they are out there. The trick is to look at what we like about ourselves and what we don’t. The monokini and tummy control swimwear both create a new way of showing off what we already have in the best way possible!


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