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Girls beachwearWhat is Essential Beachwear for Kids?

It is that time of year when you know you need go and find a whole new wardrobe of beachwear for your little angel. This can be tricky, as you never quite know what they will need, or more importantly for those little angels with their own tastes and mind, what they will wear!

Obviously, kids swimwear for girls and boys swimwear will be essential . But, beyond that, you may find yourself in a minefield of fashion decisions. It can be harder to please fashion savvy, and ultra fussy little ones, than to please yourself and meet the latest fashion trends.

However, even swimwear for kids can provide an endless array of choice! Bold patterns, the Bandeau, vintage and bright colours are all very popular this year.

If in doubt, think about the trends and what you feel would suit your mini me, or if they are old enough, why not consult them and take their style into account. This should result in two happy shoppers.

Other essentials include shorts, t-shirts, beach dresses for kids, vests, sandals, and lightweight trousers/skirts and cool tops for those long, hot evenings relaxing at the beach.


Kids’ Beachwear-What Should I buy?

It is your budget, lifestyle and tastes that will determine exactly what kids’ beachwear you will buy. However, if you ensure you buy great swimwear, this will provide the perfect foundation.

Boys will need shorts, t-shirts and vests for the daytime. If they are sporty and adventurous, then casual ones will be fine. If you are planning any evenings at the beach, or beach parties, then a loose fitting shirt/long sleeve top will be a great buy, and can be teamed with linen trousers or smart ¾ lengths to smarten up the beach look. Every beach boy needs a good hat and pair of sunglasses. Flip flops/sandals are pretty important too. If you have a surfer boy, then board shorts, and perhaps a wetsuit may be needed.

For mini beach babes, you will need some nice shorts, vests and t-shirts. Or, if your girl is a bit of a fashionista, she may prefer a trendy girls beachwear, a beach dress or bralet and shorts set. For an evening at the beach, or beach house party, you may need a maxi dress, or skirt/trendy trousers and embellished top outfit. Matching accessories and sandals are a must. As are the perfect sunglasses and all-important trendy straw hat. She can match perfectly with your carefully selected outfit. A mini surfer girl may need some board shorts and wetsuit or sports swimwear.

Buying kids’ beachwear doesn’t need to be a chore, just make sure you have the essentials, and then think about your budget, lifestyle and style (plus your little angel’s style if they are older), to decide what else to buy. Beach boys and beach babes of all ages can enjoy the beach in comfort and style with the right kids’ beachwear.

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