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Maternity swimwear

maternity swimwearIs One Piece Swimwear the Best Choice in Pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, you may feel the need to cover up more than usual. And, you may feel that one-piece swimwear is a way to do that. If you are particularly body conscious, you might feel that you need to cover the midriff from early pregnancy, and one-piece swimwear is one way you can do this.

Further along in pregnancy, you might begin to feel more like beach whale than beach babe, but you shouldn’t. Just because you have an ever-increasing midriff, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t flash what’s natural. And, don’t forget that usually those upper assets increase too, and you can get one-piece swimwear with halter necks and built in under wire, which will help to show off those assets, and detract from your bump.

There are other clever ways you can accentuate your assets during pregnancy, as well as make yourself feel comfortable. And this doesn’t necessarily mean covering up your bump.


What Swimwear Can Flatter me During Pregnancy?

This question is all about personal taste and feelings about your body. Some women tend to feel that pregnancy adds to their body confidence, and they are “glowing”, whereas other women tend to feel pregnancy gives their body confidence a knock.

Quite commonly in pregnancy, you will get larger breasts, so this could be an area to accentuate in swimwear. Halter neck swimwear, underwired swimwear and Bralets are good for this.

If you would like to flatter some problem areas without covering up too much, you could try choosing swimwear with embellishments or frills. Frills around the hips and thighs can help cover slightly those swollen pregnancy legs. This will give a fresh and stylish look and not make you feel like you are covering up, but will help you conceal problem areas that worry you.

Maternity swimwear will be the most flattering, but can prove pricey. In the early stages of pregnancy and if you don’t have a particularly large bump, you may be able to purchase ordinary swimwear.

Meaning you will look good, feel comfy and save a cheeky bit of money! Obviously, as important as style and saving money are, comfort is even more important, especially during pregnancy, so if you feel you need maternity swimwear, then go get it! There are plenty of stylish options in maternity swimwear too, so you can still be a beach babe, even if you feel like a beach whale. And never underestimate the power of a great accessory in helping to accentuate your assets and boost your confidence.

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