Maintaining Your Surfing Fitness

Surfing fitness
Surfing fitness

Surfing Fitness

If you’re a keen surfer you’ll know how important it is to maintain your surf fitness over the winter months. More so if 2012 was finally the year you decided to take the plunge and invest in some surf swimwear and a surfboard. You don’t want to let all that hard work go to waste. However the cooler, darker evenings are not all that appealing so dive into the ocean so what can you do to up keep your fitness? Summer will arrive again before you know it and you don’t want to lose that bikini body you worked so hard for.

Gym and Swim to Keep Trim

Investing in a gym membership is a great option, and if you can get one with a pool even better and a great excuse to get your one piece swimwear out. Swimming is amazing exercise in itself, working your muscles and your heart.  Paddling out on a board is hard and swimming will help keep these muscles fit. Iceberg’s down at Bondi Beach is perfect as you’re still in saltwater and can take in the ocean views. However, it’s not heated so you might want to retreat to a cosy indoor pool but make sure you’ve got your chlorine resistant swimwear on!



The beach isn’t off limits just because it’s winter. If you can run on the sand you’ll work your legs harder, which are needed for standing and holding yourself on a surfboard. Running is guaranteed to increase your fitness and if you want to push yourself try sprint training. You can initially start by running and walking and then build up to sprinting and running. So for example, sprint for 30 seconds and then run for 10 and repeat. If you’re not into running perhaps enter yourself into a 10k or a half marathon so you have a goal to work to.



Yoga is definitely the exercise at the moment. You can’t read a celebrity gossip magazine without seeing a Miley Cyrus with their yoga mat (you might be too busy spotting if she’s still got her engagement ring on!). “But posing and humming won’t help me keep fit” I hear you say. Well, I say, the principle of yoga is flexibility which is exactly what you need to be a good surfer. Yoga will also help your stamina, power and mental focus which are all vital ingredients to improve at surfing.


Solo exercise

If you can’t afford a gym or yoga class then you can maintain your fitness with some home exercises. Press ups are a great way to keep your upper body in shape for paddling. These cost nothing to do at home. Set yourself a target per night and build upon it every fortnight.

At a small expense you can purchase some weights and focus on your arms. By isolating one muscle group at a time e.g. biceps, triceps, deltoids, traps. Remember the more reps you do the more effective it is. Don’t try a heavy weight that you can only rep for a few goes. If you invest in dumbbell weights you can also use these to do lunges which will work your legs twice as hard.

Just because it’s colder don’t let the weather have you curled up in a ball on the couch every night. Your body actually burns more calories when you exercise in cold because it has to work harder to keep you warm. So there is no excuse…go on…get off the couch…right now!

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