Mini Fashionistas: Kids Swimwear 2013 and Trendy Swimming Accessories

Kids swimwear trends 2013Which Kids Swimwear?

Kids can be tricky customers when it comes to clothing, and swimwear is no different. Kids are becoming fashion conscious at an earlier age, and want to be as ‘on trend’ as parents and peers. There is so much choice within the kids swimwear sector for 2013. The great news is there are lots of styles that will please you and your kids, by balancing fashion and modesty, as well as not breaking the bank! Mini fashionistas of the male and female variety will be pleased to see they can fit in with the current trend for bold prints, as well as have those all important style choices.

Whether they prefer a one piece or a bikini, there is lots of choice. Vintage is also available for mini fashionistas, and those ruffles and halter neck styles are widespread too.

For those trendy boys out there, trunks can be found in the shorts variety, as well as the traditional slip. These are made in various ‘boy’ patterns, which also reflect the trend for bold prints. Floral and nautical styles are also out there, so fashion conscious families can ensure everyone is matching and perfectly ‘on trend’.


How Do I Get Kids to Wear Swimming Accessories?

Kids can be renowned for being against wearing anything that they don’t want to, or believe will harm their ‘cool rating’. Kids swimming accessories fit into this category. However, fear not, some clever people have addressed this issue by creating trendy swimming caps and goggles . So, you will find your kids will not be so against the idea after all. Particularly if they can get accessories that will compliment their trendy swimwear.

Remember when you were younger, and wearing a swimming cap meant looking like a walking emergency siren? And wearing swim goggles would mean you resembled a radioactive frog? Oh! The embarrassment of being one of those kids who had to wear a swimming cap and goggles, and stick out like a sore thumb! Well, luckily, your kids will not have to endure the same embarrassment. There are so many cool styles available, and they still cover and protect their eyes and hair whilst they enjoy the water. So, finally, kids and parents can all be happy.

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