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Baby Swimming and Baby Swim Lessons – The Water Cocoon

Joanne Wadley

Story by Joanne Wadley
Published on Sep 05, 2013 in Kids Swimming

Why is Swimming Good for Babies? Babies love water, they spend the 9 months of their development in the womb surrounded by fluid. The gentle sway and sounds of water are soothin [...]

Mini Fashionistas: Kids Swimwear 2013 and Trendy Swimming Accessories

Joanne Wadley

Story by Joanne Wadley
Published on Aug 12, 2013 in Kids Swimming

Which Kids Swimwear? Kids can be tricky customers when it comes to clothing, and swimwear is no different. Kids are becoming fashion conscious at an earlier age, and want to be as [...]

Swimming Games and Pool Games for Kids – Splish, Splash and Laugh

Joanne Wadley

Story by Joanne Wadley
Published on Apr 02, 2013 in Kids Swimming

Everyone loves some time splashing around, weather you are one or one hundred, there is a water game suitable for you. Swimming games can be as active or relaxed as you like, a [...]

Swimming Classes for Kids – a luxury or a priority?

Stacey Allert

Story by Stacey Allert
Published on Feb 13, 2013 in Kids Swimming

There are many extra curricular activities on offer for children today, swimming classes for kids  may seem like just another way of parting parents with their cash! The reali [...]