Kathy Wong Creates More Love from Moeloco – The Flip Flop That Does Good

Moeloco Flip Flops

When did you come up with the idea of creating Flip Flops?

I woke up one morning, it was the 18th of February actually, I had a dream and I had these words coming cross my eyes which said “make the difference”. I thought I was dreaming but these words kept coming through my mind. From February to April I was developing the idea on how could have made this difference. Initially I started by setting up a Facebook page called Soul Republic, sharing messages and inspiring quotes. I received a lots of good feedback, and then the idea
began to flourish. I decided to have these messages on products so that people were reminded on messages on daily basis. I explored a lots of opportunities and, I decided upon Flip Flops. I have been looking into poverty especially children in poverty, and thought that there was a real problem with kids with no shoes in the world where in some cases kids died from health disease that kids picked up by having no shoes. So one day I was down at the beach, and saw people wearing sandals and flip flops and thought, yes I’m going to do flip flops!

Why did you choose the name Moeloco?

I wanted a name that would be catchy, but also had strong meaning behind it. I found the word “moe’uhane” meaning “dream” in Hawaiian and “loco”meaning “crazy” in Spanish, so I came up with Moeloco. This resonated with me, as it represents my crazy dream.

Where do you find inspiration for your creations?

My background in business, design and branding helped me. But, I gain a lot of my inspiration from words, particularly quotes. A strong quote can evoke many emotions, and this helps me to visualise creations.

Moeloco flip flops collection

Moeloco flip flops

The idea of donating a pair of Flip Flops for every sale is very
innovative, where did you get this idea?

I gained inspiration from Tom’s Shoes, that I had heard about 5 years ago. They started their business model 1 to 1. Charity and the idea of parallel giving is an important concept to my idea.

Do you sell in Australia and Overseas?

Yes, I started in Australia and then began selling products in the UK and the United States.

Can you describe your collection using 3 words?

Inspiration, fun and hip

What is your favourite piece of the collection?

The Love one is my favourite one. At the end of the day everything we do is about love.

Who or what inspired you to create this collection?

Not just one thing. I realised I will be on this journey for the rest of my life. A combination of personal experience, communication and design. I have recently moved near to the beach, and this played a part in it too.

Do you have any favourite spring/summer trends?

Not particularly, my inspiration was the main driver.

When did you launch?

The 23rd of November 2014, so rather recently

Where would you like to see your business in the next 12 months? What is next for you?

I would love to launch the product in Europe this summer. I would like to become well known for supporting social causes. And successful in the area of thong footwear.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a business like

Having courage and thorough research are vital. Know your market; get to know the people in the market. Don’t delay on product testing. Find help in the areas you have weaknesses, and ensure you have the appropriate technology to create your vision. Know your numbers, and whatever budget
you estimate, you should expect to double it.

What are the challenges you faced when launching your new products?

Limited resources, sourcing enough people power, remaining focussed throughout the process, and organising priorities to give the fastest outcome. Generating enough brand awareness and Marketing. On a personal level it can be isolating, so seeking out mentors can be beneficial.

Is there anything you wish you had known before entering the fashion world that maybe students and prospective designers do not know?

It would have been helpful to have an awareness that the designs can significantly impact upon the costs of manufacturing. Some insight into the manufacturing process as a whole.

Is there anything you would recommend for designers starting up to avoid?

Naivety. It is really important to research and explore all your options, and in particular within print manufacturing.

Where is your favourite beach and why?

Dee Why, it never feels crowded.

Dee Why Beach

Dee Why Beach

What is your favourite personal quote?

The Gandhi quote, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”



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