Aquazy: introducing new Beach Items to Australia

It’s time to update the way you shop for online swimwear. The newly launched offers a selected range of international designers and brands, bringing you the latest trends. Aquazy features  that is locally made, high quality and affordable: perfect for the fashion forward woman.

brazilian swimwear
Brazilian swimwear with moderate coverage

Aquazy is the new boutique online swimwear store that is redefining the standards of women’s swimwear in Australia, revolutionizing both the quality and choice available on the market. From bandeau bikinis to one piece swimwear, and from high-performance training swimwear to the classy monokini, Aquazy has a selected range of styles to fit and flatter everyone.

Aquazy takes a unique approach to affordable women’s swimwear. When it’s time to slip into that tiny bikini, we all want to look and feel fabulous, but it can be boring trawling through the repetitive choices available on the mass-produced market to find something you can feel truly special wearing. At Aquazy, each product is cherry-picked from selected designers across the world and Australia, in order to bring Australian customers a fresh new selection that they won’t have seen anywhere else. The result is an elite collection of swimwear brands that are locally made, at fantastic low prices.

The founder of Aquazy, said: “When I arrived in Australia, I noticed that there was a little selection of swimwear with innovative designs. I also found swimwear in Australia very expensive. I launched Aquazy with the idea of offering a variety of beach items brands made locally at reasonable costs. The site has just been launched with a selection of few brands, but we are planning to introduce more boutique brands soon”.

So if you’re bored of looking for your perfect beachwear, Aquazy is your answer:  To check out the collection, visit .


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